Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SBMM Rework – Revamped Matchmaking, How it will Work, & More

Leaks suggest a total SBMM rework for Modern Warfare 2 is in the works. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming SBMM rework.

SBMM, better known as Skill Based Matchmaking, has been part of most CoD titles. Modern Warfare (2019) had a completely reworked SBMM system. It was the most hated part of the multiplayer mode. Infinity Ward’s new SBMM did not ensure convenient lobbies for new players. However, most players discovered a way around it.

The most common question in the CoD community is whether SBMM is necessary for multiplayer. Previous titles such as MW1 (2007) and MW2 (2009) had little to no SBMM. But these two games were able to provide the best multiplayer experience.

MW (2019) was a massive success for Infinity Ward and Activision, without a doubt. But the latter titles, BOCW and Vanguard, failed miserably. With the release of these titles, the overall player count started to decrease. Players were not happy with the SBMM of these games.

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According to Ralph Valve, an upcoming SBMM rework will play an essential role in the new MW2. The developers aim to create a system that properly accommodates low and high-skill players. The new SBMM will create a better experience for veterans and new players alike.

A New Matchmaking AI Pool

Firstly the new SBMM will feature a new AI pool. The AI pool is a PvE lobby instead of a typical PvP lobby that will determine the player skill cap. The new PvE system will track player stats and define the skill level or rank. The new AI pool will be utilized in multiplayer lobbies, DMZ, and Warzone 2.0.

This new system will undoubtedly counter the reverse matchmaking issue. Reverse matchmaking is the system smurfs use to get easier lobbies making it hard for newer players. Unfortunately, the smurf issues have been rampant in MW (2019)’s multiplayer and Warzone. Countering reverse matchmaking will be a relief for most players in the community.

Lobby Disbanding

Previous CoD titles featured the same lobby system. The same lobby system ensured that players stayed in the same lobby until they wished to leave. This was a feature the community loved wholeheartedly.

However, the SBMM system removed the same lobby feature. Lobbies were disbanded, making separate lobbies based on player performances. Players with a high K/D ratio were pushed into harder lobbies, while players with low K/D ratios were pushed into lobbies that matched their skill level. An associate has stated that disbanding lobbies is here to stay, and if it’s removed, the whole SBMM system will collapse.

Reverse Matchmaking

The new SBMM rework will nullify reverse matchmaking. It has been an annoyance for many players as high-level players tend to abuse the reverse matchmaking loophole to get easier lobbies. New players tend to suffer when they face high-skilled players, so fixing the reverse matchmaking issue will somewhat fix it.

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