Black Ops Cold War Battle Pass system, Cross-play, and Store Details

Call of Duty confirmed in an official post that Black Ops Cold War’s Battle Pass system and Storefront will be shared between Cold War, Modern Warfare & Warzone.

In the blog post, Activision shared their plans for the future of Black Ops Cold War and how they’ll be integrating the new title with MW and Warzone. The three titles will work seamlessly with post-launch seasonal content through the Battle Pass system and the game store.

Battle Pass Integration

The Battle Pass system continues, with Season One coming loaded with brand new content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Progress through the Battle Pass system by playing any of the three games. Battle Pass content you unlock is shown in-game, no matter which game you’re playing.

Modern Warfare Battle Pass content earned and store purchases are planned to continue to be available in Modern Warfare and Warzone. While we continue to optimize for platforms and disk space, we plan to retain all Modern Warfare content for continued use in Warzone at least through the initial Black Ops Cold War seasons of content.

For Season One, expect a multitude of fresh and exciting Battle Pass items you can access both in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

While Season One Battle Pass content is accessible in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players will still be able to progress the Battle Pass by playing Modern Warfare.

Store Access

From the start of Season One, players will be able to access the in-game store, and use their COD Points to purchase a wide variety of cosmetic bundles. Each title’s in-game store will be carefully curated to feature content available to play in that game. Items also available to be played in Warzone will be clearly labeled.

Black Ops Cold War Store: Purchase content to utilize in Black Ops Cold War. Nearly all content from Black Ops Cold War is usable in Warzone but all items will be clearly labeled.

Warzone Store: This store offers a mixture of content from both Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare games, nearly all of which can be utilized in Warzone and the game for which it was designed. All items will be clearly labeled.

Modern Warfare Store: Purchase content to utilize in Modern Warfare. Most content from Modern Warfare is usable in Warzone but all items will be clearly labeled.

Cross-Play. Cross-Progression. Cross-Generation. Cross-Title Access

Experience the next generation of global combat as one community, regardless of the platform or console generation you play Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, or Modern Warfare on, as detailed in this blog post.

Cross-Title Access: No matter what game you are playing – or the platform you’re playing it on – access and invite your friends to join you. Cross-Title Invites allow you to invite your friends who are playing Modern Warfare or Warzone to join you in Black Ops Cold War, and vice versa, with the party leader navigating to the title everyone wishes to play. The result is more flexibility and ease in gathering your friends for a Multiplayer match, Zombies experience (in Black Ops Cold War), or drop into Verdansk.

Furthermore, Activision stated that they don’t plan on removing content from warzone, ensuring players that they are still determined to deliver the best possible experience for everyone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches on Friday, November 13th. So make sure to pre-load the game, which is available right now on all platforms.

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