Best Faction Leaders in Total War: Pharaoh

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Here is all you need to know about the best faction leaders of Total War: Pharaoh

Total War: Pharaoh is the latest entry in the grand strategy series developed by Creative Assembly. Experiences the rise and fall of leaders who led, dominated, and shaped the history of Egypt forever in the pages of history.

The game is a breathtaking, vibrant recreation of the collapse of the Bronze Age as you battle societal conflicts, disarray, and even natural disasters. Face real-time battles as you fight to protect your people with the resources you have.

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In Total War: Pharaoh, you must prove your legitimacy to become the Pharaoh. You must choose among 8 different faction leaders and step into their unique playstyles. Moreover, each of the leaders has their unique strengths and weaknesses.

For example, some faction leaders have great archers and superior chariots, while others survive through brute head-to-head combat alone.

Although each faction leader has their own pros and cons, some can be objectively better than others. So here is a list of factions that I consider the best to choose from when you begin your first playthrough.

Top 5 Best Faction Leaders in Total War: Pharaoh

Before you delve into our rundown of the top faction leaders in Total War: Pharaoh, do keep in mind that this list is based on our personal opinions and judgments. However, I have provided the reasons why I believe each deserves its spot on this list.

5. Seti

Now, you might reasonably disagree, but here is why I think Seti deserves the number 5 spot on this list.

Total War Pharaoh Best Faction Leader Seti

Seti’s forces include weak but numerous infantry who are aggressive but undisciplined. This might now seem like something a faction should have. But think of it like this: the numerous low-maintenance armies mean that you have next to countless number of soldiers to carry out your orders.

Your Levy infantry are so disposable that other units won’t really care if they get expended. Additionally, Seti starts with the largest army, and his starting position in northern Egypt gives him easy access to natural resources. Also, Seti has a good relationship with Tausret.

In addition, having such a large army gives him the ability to expand his territory quite fast. So, all in all, I believe that Seti deserves the number 5 spot.

4. Tausret

The number 4 spot on this list goes to Tausret. Tausret, The Strategist, is ideal for those with a defensive mindset. Also, because of how she starts her campaign, she gets early access to the great Nile River and much more.

Total War Pharaoh Best Faction Leader Tausret

However, the main reason that she is considered a strong leader is because she has the greatest chariot faction in the game. The advantage of chariots is their speed, which enables them to encircle and maneuver around their enemies easily. Moreover, ranged chariots can inflict massive impact damage as well.

Another point to consider is that Tausret has strong economic connections and synergies that aid her along her path. Finally, Tausret can have the strongest army composition given enough time.

3. Suppiluliuma

The great king of the Hittite Empire, Suppiluliuma, has an irresistible charm that allows him to have good connections and a good reputation. His alliance with local kingdoms proves to be of great importance.

Total War Pharaoh Best Faction Leader Suppiluliuma

Although Suppiluliuma has somewhat of a fragile economy, his army boasts a very decent number of medium and heavy units. Despite fighting several wars at a time, he knows how to keep his enemies at bay. Also, another mentionable point is that Suppiluliuma has access to the most elite Hittite units as he starts off as the Great King. And his chariots, although not as strong as Tausret’s, are still very competent.

2. Bay

Bay, The Schemer is the second faction leader on this list. Now, to fully use Bay and his strengths, you need to master his hit-and-run tactics. Also, that is not the only thing Bay and his faction excels at, Bay’s true strength lies in politics and gaining more legitimacy from Court Positions.

Total War Pharaoh Best Faction Leader Bay

Bay can use his power to take over Plots from other members of the Court and also steal legitimacy. Aside from all of these, Bay’s buildings and structures also help with resource accumulation and management.

Bay’s mastery of court politics, strong diplomacy tactics, and competent ambush units all factored in to make him the second-best faction leader in this list.

1. Ramesses

The top position of this list goes to Ramesses, The Paragon. The first reason is that Ramesses’s neighbors. Ramesses is surrounded by weaker factions and powers from all sides. What this translates to in the game is that you can use this opportunity to easily expand your territory in the earlier parts of the game. Subsuming your neighbors will allow you to double or triple the size of your territory and bring in abundant resources.

Total War Pharaoh Best Faction Leader Ramesses

The second reason is that Ramesses has the option to build many unique buildings like the Necropolis of The Honoured Dead, which is great in boosting influence and happiness.

Also, the Military Academy and the Medjay HQ provide substantial recruitment bonuses that can give you a considerable advantage over your foes.

Other advantages of playing Ramesses are his use of war chariots, access to mid-level infantry and archers, and advanced technological progress. Overall, I think that Ramesses is a versatile leader deserving of the number one spot on this list.

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