BDS Wins First Ever LoL Worlds Qualification Series

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

The first Worlds 2023 Qualification Series game occurred today, and BDS took home the first win.

Worlds is the biggest annual event in League of Legends. In it, the best teams from all over the world compete against each other for the trophy.

This year, the tournament is taking place in South Korea. Moreover, there will be 22 different teams from different regions competing in this event. Additionally, Worlds 2023 received some major changes in terms of format compared to previous years. This year, there will be more Best of 3s, a Swiss-style stage, and more.

Because of these changes, this year’s Worlds will be one of the most exciting ones thus far.

And today was the first match in the qualification series, Team BDS vs Golden Guardians. Surprisingly, BDS took the victory in a sweeping 3-0 fashion.

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Worlds 2023: BDS Vs GG

Before the match started, Golden Guardians were community favourites due to their performance in MSI 2023. Even RiotPhreak was expecting GG to do what DRX did the previous year.

However, that wasn’t the case this time. Even since the first game, thanks to BDS’s jungler, Sheo’s early dominance and pressure, BDS gained an early lead. And they kept up the pressure the entire match.

The second game, however, was more on Golden Guardian’s hand. They even managed to get all the drakes. But they couldn’t win any Baron fights. Thus, they lost multiple barons and gave a lot of ace to BDS. And with that, they managed to reverse sweep the match.

The third game was similar to the first, as they didn’t even let Golden Guardians get a single chance. From the start, with Sheo’s Hexflash, BDS managed to get multiple cheese kills. Therefore, with that early lead, they won the match.

This match was only the beginning of the Worlds Qualification Series game, so even exciting games are yet to happen. That is why we can expect the upcoming matches to be even more exciting.

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