Apex Legends Regal Wrath Sale: Skins, Price, Release Date, & More

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Respawn will soon feature the Regal Wrath Sale in the store. Apex Legends will have some popular recolored skins and interesting pack bundles for this sale.

Apex Legends often features unique sales, releasing many new and recolored skins. These sales are usually featured in the “Special Offers” store in the game. Since players can get the skins and packs at a discount, they prefer these sales over regular offers.

A new leak by a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner called HYPERMYST has revealed what Respawn has in store for players in the upcoming Regal Wrath sale. According to the data miner leaks, three recolored skins will be available in the store.

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Regal Wrath Sale Skins and Offers

According to the leaks from HYPERMYST, the Regal Wrath Sale will feature three recolor skins for Bloodhound, Ash, and Fuse. What makes this sale special is that the Bloodhound and Fuse skins to be featured in the sale are the recolored versions of previous Battlepass Legendary rewards.

Because Battlepass Legendary skins are nonrecurring items, they are extremely rare. As a result, players might specifically want to get their hands on these skins. On the other hand, the Ash recolor skin is a recolor version of Ash’s Chain of Command skin, which was a part of the Ash Launch Bundle.

Respawn no longer releases the launch bundles, so the Ash skin also falls under the “ultra-rare” category. Nonetheless, let’s get a better look at the upcoming recolored skins in the Regal Wrath Sale.

Opulent Instigator Ash Bundle

Regal Wrath Sale Opulent Instigator Ash Bundle

Majestic Tracker Bloodhound Bundle

Regal Wrath Sale Majestic Tracker Bloodhound Bundle

Artillery Armsman Fuse Bundle

Regal Wrath Sale Artillery Armsman Fuse Bundle


Regal Wrath Charms

New Flag Emotes

These Emotes will be paired with the individual skin bundles for each Legend: Ash, Bloodhound, and Fuse.

Regal Wrath Sale Skins and Offers Price

Similar to the previous bundles, expect to pay 3000-6000 Apex Coins for each bundle. The Charms will come bundled with 20 and 100 packs, costing 1000 and 6700 Apex coins. Respawn hasn’t yet made a formal announcement about this, however. So take it with a grain of salt.

Regal Wrath Sale Release Date

The Regal Wrath Sale will go live on March 21, 2023. It can be found inside the Special Offers store under the Store tab.

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