Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Valkyrie Prestige Skin, Reward Shop, New Skins & More

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Credit: EA/ KralRindo

Data miners have revealed the upcoming Collection Event named Neon Network. The Collection Event will bring Valkyrie’s Prestige skin.

Apex Legends Season 17 started with a blast. Respawn changed many things, including the new Ranked system and the new Legend called Ballistic. Moreover, they reworked the Firing Range and gave it a complete makeover, and added tons of features.

Despite the huge start, Apex’s player base started to fall due to no new content being added to the game. Just when the number of players was decreasing, Respawn surprisingly announced Season 17’s first Collection Event named Dressed to Kill.

The Dressed to Kill Collection Event also brought Horizon’s Heirloom, a long-awaited Mythic item in the game. After Dressed to Kill event went live, data miners found some information regarding the upcoming Collection Event of 17 named Neon Network.

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Neon Network Collection Event

Valkyrie “Apex Interceptor” Prestige Skin

Valkyrie "Apex Interceptor" Prestige Skin
Credit: Senos (Tier 1)
Valkyrie "Apex Interceptor" Prestige Skin
Credit: Senos (Tier 2)
Valkyrie "Apex Interceptor" Prestige Skin
Credit: Senos (Tier 3)

New Skins

Similar to every Collection Event, there’ll be 6 Legendary Legend skins, 6 Legendary weapon skins, 3 Epic Legend skins, 3 Epic Weapon Skins, 2 Epic Banner Frames, 1 Epic Holo Spray, 1 Epic Sticker, and 2 Ground Emotes. Once you get all 24 items from the Collection Event, you’ll be rewarded with the Valkyrie Prestige Skin “Apex Interceptor.”

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Reward Shop

The Neon Network Collection Event will introduce a new feature named Reward Shop. Players will be able to earn Compute Nodes currency throughout the event duration by playing Trios or Duos. The Compute Nodes can be used to Redeem Rewards from the Reward Shop while the event is running. Based on the description, it looks like the Reward Shop will replace the free Reward Tracker in the upcoming event.

Reward Shop
Credit: Kralrindo

Neon Network Collection Event Release Date

According to KralRindo, the Neon Network Event will go live on July 25, 2023.

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