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Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Diablo 4 has quite a lot of currency types. Each of these currencies has its own vendor that uses it. Here are all the merchants/ vendors in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 introduces an open-world map to the game. Before this, all Diablo games were level based. So to accommodate the open world, there are a lot of activities that are added to the game. Many of the activities and events drop rare or activity-exclusive currency in the game. This currency can then be taken to its respective merchant to get items.

So naturally, there are different kinds of merchants in the game. Most of the big cities have at least one of each type of merchant. So, no matter where you are, you are never too far from a vendor that you need. That being said, since there are many types of vendors in the game, we have made this list to narrow down all of them in one place.

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All the Merchant Types in Diablo 4

Merchant TypeProvided Service/Goods
The AlchemistFor enhancing healing vial
The BlacksmithFor upgrading/ salvaging gears
The JewelerFor socket/unsocket Gems
The OccultistFor enhancing/ re-rolling gears
The Purveyor of CuriositiesMerchant for Obols currency
Weapons VendorMerchant for Weapon Equipment
Armor VendorMerchant for Armor Equipment
Rings & Amulets VendorMerchant for Rings and Amulets
HealerMerchant for the healing potion
Stable MasterMerchant for Mount-related service
Unconventional Steed Armor VendorRed Dust merchant for Mount gears
Cursed Scroll VendorRed Dust merchant for Cursed Scrolls
Odds and Ends VendorRed Dust merchant for Cosmetic Armor
Unsavory Oddities VendorRed Dust merchant for equipment items

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