All Major Starfield Console Commands and Cheats

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Want to find out the best Starfield console commands and cheats? If yes, what are you waiting for. Read my guide on major Starfield console commands and cheats.

In Starfield, you can explore and adventure endlessly. With over 1,000 planets to discover, the scope is simply massive. While journeying across the stars in your very own spaceship sounds incredibly exciting, the sheer size of this open-world RPG can also feel daunting at times. This is where console commands and cheats come in handy.

Console commands give you the ability to tweak Starfield to your liking, making normally impossible feats feasible. Want invincibility from the get-go? Console commands grant you god mode. Feel like amassing a fortune without the grind? Console commands spawn infinite credits and Digipicks with ease. From unlocking powers to manipulating NPCs, console commands open up Starfield’s cosmos for you to play as you wish.

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In this guide, you’ll learn about cheats and shortcuts. With the knowledge contained herein, you can customize your Starfield experience however you see fit. Starfield’s console commands make it a true sandbox. Grab your seat and get ready for Bethesda’s galactic adventure.

Best Starfield Console Commands and Cheats

Best Starfield Console Commands and Cheats

Console CommandDescription
tgmThe God Mode gives you complete invincibility and unlimited ammo.
timToggle Immortal Mode to take damage without dying.
psbAll powers are unlocked with the Player Spellbook.
tdetectYou won’t be detected by NPCs any more if you toggle Detect.
tcaiYou’ll no longer be targeted by combat AI.
tclYou can fly through walls with No Clip enabled.
additem (Item ID) (Value)It adds specific items to your character.
(Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID)Your reference weapon will be modified with specified weapon mods.
(Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID)Delete attached weapon mods — Delete specified weapon mods.
killallYou’ll kill all the NPCs in the area.
kahGet rid of all hostile NPCs in the area.
resurrectNPC Resurrect — Resurrect the selected NPC.
unlockYour current target door or container can be unlocked.
showmenu sleepwaitmenuShow Sleep / Wait Menu — Quickly access the wait menu to adjust time on the fly.
player.setlevel (Value)Set Character Level — Set character level to the specified value.
player.additem (Item ID) (Value)Add Items to Inventory — Add specified items to your inventory.
player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value)Spawn Item/Creature at You — Spawn specified item or creature in front of your character.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID)Pay Off Bounties — Pay off outstanding bounties for a specified faction.
showlooksmenu player 1Open Character Creator — Access the character creator menu to adjust appearance, name, background, and traits.
player.removeperk (Perk ID)Remove Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds — Remove specified skill, trait, or background from your character.
player.addperk (Perk ID)Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds — Add specified skill, trait, or background to your character.
player.setav carryweight (Value)Increase Carry Weight — Set carry weight to the specified value.
How To Use the Console Command Menu

How To Use the Console Command Menu

The first step to using console commands is accessing Starfield’s console command menu. Here’s how you open it:

  • PC: Tap the tilde (~) key. This is typically found below the Esc key.
  • Xbox: Unfortunately, console commands are not natively available on Xbox. However, you can utilize them indirectly via cross-save.

When you tap the tilde key, the game will pause and a text input box appears. This is the console command menu. Now you can start entering codes!

How To Activate Cheats on Xbox through A Cross-save

Here’s how Xbox players can leverage console commands through cross-save:

  1. Enable cross-save and cloud sync between your Xbox and PC.
  2. Load your game on PC and enable the console commands you want.
  3. Sync your cloud save.
  4. Continue playing on Xbox with your cheats enabled!

While not as seamless as native Xbox support, this lets you access console commands indirectly.

You can customize Starfield almost endlessly with console commands. It lets you enable cheats for infinite health and resources, spawn anything you want, manipulate time and NPCs, and edit your character’s stats and skills.

Take the time to experiment with all the possibilities — that’s half the fun! But be warned: excessive cheating can break quests and ruin your save file, so use discretion.

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