All Endings in Forspoken

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Are you wondering how Forspoken ends? Well, here is how it does.

If you are an RPG fan, you are probably already used to exploring unique endings and getting to the good one. Square Enix is already known for making blockbuster RPGs with multiple endings and has not kept Forspoken from having different endings either.

Forspoken has a unique storyline where a girl named Frey Holland gets transported into a magical world called Athia. The game offers unique movement mechanics and character customization. In fact, apart from Gliding past enemies wearing their favorite Cloak, fans also get to feel the emotions of the characters exploring each end.

Each end offers a new emotional ride that you might feel intrigued to know about. If you have finished the game and wondering what the other ending is like. Below we have outlined all possible fates awaiting Frey in Forspoken.

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All Endings in Forspoken

Forpsoken is a game where you can use magic and paint your character’s nails to feel more connected to the character and game. There are a total of 11 chapters in Forspoken, and once fans finish ten chapters, in Chapter 11: The Truth, you will get to choose between two different endings. At the end of Chapter 11, Frey will discover the truth behind the Break and corruption in Ahtia.

Tinta Cinta, Frey’s mother, will open two portals for Frey to pass through where each will lead to a different ending. Both endings are interesting having their own pros and cons. However, we will let you judge them as your read through the article.

Final Battle with Susurrus Ending

If you choose the left Portal, players will be sent back to Cipal, where Frey will have to fight Susurrus, the final Boss. Tinta Cinta, Frey’s mother, will help her in this battle as a dragon. Even though her mother dies while fighting the Boss, Frey goes on to defeat the Susurrus, and she wakes up being saved by the remaining people of the Cipal.

After that, you will see some mid-credits showing Frey talking with her cat Homer again. These mid-credits will also show you her talking to Auden about the future of Athia. In the end, Frey will set off to restore the places of Athia, which are still corrupted and need her help.

This ending is considered the good one but with a touch of bitterness. Although Frey saves Athia with the price of their mother being dead and her being permanently avoided by choice of returning to New York City.

Forspoken Endings
Credit- Square Enix

Going back to New York City Ending

If you choose the right Portal, you will return to New York, and everything will be back to how it was for her. Tanta Cinta, Frey’s mother, wanted her daughter to do what she wanted in life. So she included a choice of leaving Athia and letting her live the life she wanted. In this ending, you will see her carrying her cat Homer and roaming the streets as a homeless person.

This ending is terrible as Frey abandons her mother and friends in Athia to return to New York. Without her, the world of Athia will die of Corruption and all the friends she made there. Even though you can switch back to the latest save game and play the game, after the ending, the game will not be playable anymore.

Before getting into the final chapter, you must complete all ten game chapters. If you are wondering how many there are, you can check out our guide here: Forspoken: All Chapters Listed.

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