AdriannahLee is Reportedly Suing Mizkif, Maya, and OTK Members for Defamation

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: AdriannahLee Twitch, Mizkif/Maya

Twitch streamer AdriannahLee is reportedly suing Mizkif, Maya, and OTK members for Defamation.

Adriannah Lee is an American Twitch streamer, content creator, model, social media influencer, and YouTuber from Detroit, Michigan. Lee usually streams games like Minecraft, League of Legends, Roblox, etc, for her viewers and fans, and her Instagram profile shows she is a model and social media personality.

She got into a controversy in September 2022 after revealing her story regarding CrazySlick. During this time, she accused Slick of sexual assault allegations. She also accused Mizkif and Maya of coercing her statements.

And now some sources suggest AdriannahLee is reportedly suing Mizkif, Maya, and other OTK members with a Defamation Lawsuit.

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AdriannahLee Reportedly Suing Mizkif, Maya, and OTK

The news of the defamation lawsuit comes from streamer Destiny. During his recent stream on Kick, Destiny revealed info about the supposed case. Destiny said,

“Somebody emailed me this. Are you ready? Big drama drop. Apparently, Adriannah is suing five people for Defamation in Texas. I don’t know if I can link the court docs because it has like full names and sh*t.”

Destiny then shares the names on the case number where the plaintiff is Adrianna, and the defendants are Maya Higa, Mizkif, Mizkif Enterprizes LLC, OTK Media, and Jake.

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