Zofia’s passive ‘Withstand’ ability will be removed, according to a recent leak

According to a Rainbow Six Siege leaker, Zofia’s “Withstand” ability will be removed in Year 6 of this tactical shooter.

Zofia, the Rainbow Six Siege operator, introduced back in Y2S4, has been a hot topic in the Siege community recently because of her passive ability. Using this special ability, Zofia can revive herself or ‘withstand’ from a DBNO position without needing any help from her teammates.

In the European League relegation match of Rogue vs MnM gaming, Rogue lost a 2v1 defense round after downing Zofia in the post-plant recovery. In the round, Yuzus, playing Zofia, picked himself up from the DBNO state, then got two quick kills to secure the round win for MnM, which otherwise would’ve been a Rogue round.

This caused a massive stir in the Siege community, with separate feelings from both the casual and the competitive side. In a competitive FPS shooter, unique passive abilities don’t seem balanced when seeing from the competitive side. If it had been any other attacker instead of Zofia in that round, Rogue would’ve easily won the round.

This is why many content creators, casters, and pro players have been urging the devs to remove the “Withstand” ability from Zofia or instead give every other operator this ability.

And according to R6leaks, the controversial “Withstand” ability will no longer remain in the game. While many players might be upset by this decision, removing this passive ability should increase the competitiveness of the game.

However, no official words have come from Ubisoft as of now, so take this information with a grain of salt. With the developer panel taking place during the Six Invitational in February, there’s a lot of new content expected to be announced by the devs. So keep following us for the latest updates.


With Patch Y5S4.3, Ubisoft has removed the passive “hidden” abilities of Zofia and Ela.

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