Ziggs has not received any kind nerfs in 6 years

Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert has not received any kind of nerfs from Riot Games in 6 years.

Ziggs has been around in League of Legends universe since season 1. His release was not that pleasant as he was hotfixed or buffed eleven-times alone in the season 1. With that many changes in season 1, Riot did ignore him for the rest of season 2.

The buffs didn’t stop there Riot buffed him again in patch 3.02, 3.9, 3.13, and 4.2. Season 4 was considered as a farm meta, where every mid laners used to push their lanes until late game. And due to Ziggs’ extra range, he outperformed every other mid laners and became a meta pick in Season 4.

1st Major Ziggs
1st Major Ziggs. (Source: Riot Games)

As a result, Riot gutted him by nerfing him back to back three patches 4.114.13. And this patch 4.13 nerf is also the last time Riot has ever nerfed him in six years.

After the end of farm meta in season 4, no matter how many times Riot has decided to buff him since season 5, Ziggs has failed to remain in the meta and compete against other mid laners. Even with the VFX that he received in patch 9.12 didn’t change much.

Ziggs currently has a 50.76% win rate with just a 1.67% pick rate in the mid lane. He also received a buff in season 10 in patch 10.2. His win rate in season 10 is not the worst in the world but his low pick rate clearly shows mid laners prefer other champions to play.


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