Zero Tolerance report system “Alarmbot” might be coming to VALORANT

A new ZERO TOLERANCE report system for VALORANT is currently under testing, according to a Turkish community member of Riot.

VALORANT is a tactical 5v5 shooter developed by Riot games who is also the creator of the much popular MOBA game well known as League of Legends. Ever since its release in 2020, VALORANT has been one of the most popular FPS titles in the gaming community.

To keep their player base entertained, Riot is always working on frequent updates that include in-game cosmetics, gameplay upgrades, and priorities to community preferences. Riot is known to have a very healthy relationship with its community.

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One thing that Riot really doesn’t tolerate is disrespectful behavior and toxicity. To reduce this conflict, a new “Zero Tolerance” report system is allegedly under testing in Turkey.

ZERO TOLERANCE “Alarmbot” system in VALORANT

VALORANT Zero Tolerance
Image Credit: Riot Games

The newest addition, “Alarmbot” was revealed by Bahadir Guven, who is a Riot community member from Turkey. In his tweet, he mentioned that the new reporting system “Alarmbot” will be used to remove toxic players who they do not want to face in-game in Turkey.

Bahadir also linked an official VALORANT article which further explained that Riot wanted to take quick action against offenders. Especially to put a halt to the real-life threats as well as sexual harassment that female players have to go through.

VALORANT Alarmbot notes
Image Credit: Riot Games

Another big problem that was stated is that players often use multiple accounts. They like to keep a clean record while on their primary account but spread toxicity while on their secondary accounts. Riot is reportedly also trying to put a stop to the multiple account issue.

As stated in their official article, the players will be punished according to the severity of their offenses. Starting from 7-14 day bans to penalties as grave as permanent suspensions.

VALORANT Alarmbot notes
Image Credit: Riot Games

To make this all a reality, Riot has asked players to report the offenders directly to their dedicated email address [email protected] with attachments of screenshots or video recordings. They’ve also requested for players to include exact details such as date of occurrence and Riot ID to accelerate the process.

VALORANT Alarmbot notes
Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot seems to be trying its best to reduce the negativity in the community and create a peaceful environment for players to enjoy.

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