Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Guide – Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube Locations

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD remaster is finally here, and we have made a Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube Guide.

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Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is finally here for Nintendo Switch. The game was initially released back in 2011, but now Nintendo has finally decided to bring it back for the Nintendo Switch. The game offers a lot of mysteries you can explore in the game. One of these mysteries is finding the Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cubes. So we have created a complete guide on finding these Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cubes in Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cubes.

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube Guide:

The new Zelda remaster brings nostalgia along with fun things for fans to do in the game. Furthermore, there are nine different Cubes throughout the map of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Every Cube is situated in a different place, and after you hit the Cubes with a charging sword they unlock chests. Each of these chests can be found somewhere in the game.

Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 1:

You can find your first Goddes Cube in the Lanayru desert. After you are inside the desert, explore the landing pad area to find your first Goddess Cube. The game will reward you with a Heart Medal after you locate the Chest on the northwest island of Skyloft.

Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 2:

The second Cube can be also be found in the Lanayru Desert. This Cube requires the player to explore the southwest sector of the map and go across many quicksands. It is impossible to cover so much ground without regaining your stamina, so use the enemy shells as a resting position to get to the Cube. After you have hit the Goddess Cube, head to the island in the corner of the map to get your reward inside the chest.

Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 3:

The third Cube is located in the Temple of Time. After you find yourself near the Temple of Time in the Lanayru Desert, there will be a minecart near the north end of the entrance wall. Activate the time stone nearby and push the cart into the timeshift radius. After making the cart, jump in, start charging your sword, and unleash the strike when you reach the Cube. You will get a Piece of Heart in the chest on Beedle’s Island as a reward for getting this Cube.

Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 4:

Reaching some cubes requires certain items in the game, and after getting the 1st three cubes, you will need Clawshot to get to this one. Raise the stone in the walkway at the northeast end of the desert. You will find a small room here where the Cube will be on the stone wall to your left. Use the map to not sink in the quicksand, look for the broken wall, and blow it up. After you blow up the wall, it will create a passage and use your Clawshot to get through the targets inside the passage. Once you are done with them, you will reach the Cube. You will find the chest with your reward in it between Beedele’s Island and Bamboo Island. This chest will again reward you with another heart medal.

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Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 5:

To get this Cube, you will have to reach the southern part of the Lanayru Desert, where you found the timeshift stone in a cage. Use Clawshot to carry you up on the nearby stone wall, and you will get a clear view of the Goddes cube. After you take the Cube, return to Skyloft, and you find a chest on an island not far from the northwest of Fun Fun Island to get your reward. The chest will contain a Life Medal as a reward for finding this Cube.

Lanaryu Desert Goddes Cube 6:

The 6th Goddess Cube is situated in the Sand Sea, where you will see a dock full of cargo containers. Now climb up the containers and face north to find a Clawshot Target. It will lead you to a path, a cave, and eventually to your 6th Cube. To find your reward, head to the Bazaar in Skyloft to find the chest with the golden rupee inside to get your reward, you will have to head Northwest of Fun FUn to find an island with a metal gate leading to a cave. t.

Zelda Skyward Sword HD
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Lanaryu Desert Goddes Cube 7:

To get your reward, you will have to head Northwest of Fun FUn to find an island with a metal gate leading to a cave. You will find this Cube on Skipper’s retreat, and players will have to climb up until they reach a bridge, the Moblin guards. After you get past him, use your Clawshot to go the spire beyond the dry vines. After the first Clawshot, you will have to use it again to reach another platform with the Goddess Cube on it. To get your potion medal in the chest, you will have to head Northwest of Fun Fun Island, to find another island with a metal gate leading to a cave. Once again, you will have to use your Clawshot to get through the top of the cage and reach the chest inside by climbing down using the vines.

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Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 8:

Now for the second last Cube, head to the Pirate Stronghold after you have completed it. Exit through the doors that passes between two wrecked ship masts. Now, look up after you turn around, and you will see yet another Clawshot target that you can use to climb up. After that, you will be in the range for the next Clawshot Target, which will now take you to the Cube. Moreover, getting to the part of getting your reward. Go back to Skyloft and go to the waterfall on the eastern side of the Island. Use the Clawshot on the small islands to reach some ivy, then climb a bit to get the waterfall’s source. There will be an island floating just above the main Island of Skyloft, and the chest will be at the edge of the small lake there. The chest will give another piece of heart you can use.

Zelda Skyward Sword HD
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Lanayru Desert Goddess Cube 9:

Now the final Goddes Cuben can be found in Lanayru Gorge. When you reach the tree of life, go around, and you will find the last Goddess Cube in Zelda. Now to find the chest with the rewards, head southwest to the Isle of songs in Thunderhead. You will, although, have to kill or avoid the centipede inside the tunnels to get to Mogma Hole. Once you are there, reach the exit, and you will get the final chest.

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