Zelda inspired Tunic got a teaser ahead of release

The charming adventure title, Tunic released a small teaser after a long time as it readies to release this year. Suggesting the game has gone gold.

Tunic, first showcased in E3 2018 at Xbox’s program. Instantly, the Xbox console exclusive received high praise and excitement. Due to its unique, charming art style in addition to the undeniable inspiration from the retro Legend of Zelda titles. In fact, from the small trailer that we saw 3 years ago, the game might as well be a Legend of Zelda-inspired adventure title. Where we play as a cute fox instead of Link.

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But Tunic stands out with its beautiful visual style, music, and the overall atmosphere of the game. Although in terms of gameplay not much is known. The game was under the radar for almost 3 years until today, the devs released a small teaser. The Tunic teaser successfully manages to portray the scope and scale of the game. It shows the fox going inside a huge shrine, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Furthermore, the animation of the water, the door opening hints what visual masterpiece Tunic has the potential of achieving.

The gif might suggest that the Tunic has gone gold as its release date is coming soon. Retro gamers, adventure gamers, and Zelda fans are excited as Tunic will be playable soon this year. If you want to see more, there are demos on Youtube which released some time ago. The minimalistic design, look and feel of the game has the potential to make this a classic of its genre.

Tunic, being developed by Canadian developer Andrew Shouldice will release on Xbox, PC this year, 2021. Don’t sleep on this.

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