Zayt Retires from Competitive Fortnite but Will Remain with NRG

One of Fortnite’s greatest professional players, Zayt recently announced on his stream that he will be retiring from the Fortnite competitive scene. He also shared his plans going forward as he is still with NRG.

William ‘Zayt’ Aubin is regarded by many to be the best Fortnite player in the world. He had an amazing career as a competitive Fortnite player. Zayt has almost USD 1 million earned from playing Fortnite and was a finalist in both the duos and solos Fortnite World Cup back in 2019. He also has many other Fortnite tournament wins under his belt that further proves his excellence in the Fortnite competitive scene.

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Zayt Retires from Fortnite:

On January 12 Zayt held a brief stream on his Twitch channel where he announced the news of his retirement. In the video, Zayt says, “Before you guys freak out, I’m not leaving NRG, I’m staying in the Fortnite scene……But, what I’m gonna be doing feels really weird to say especially coming from someone like me is, I’m gonna stop competing in Fortnite. So, I’m gonna stop playing tournaments, I’m gonna stop playing scrims”.

He also revealed what he will be doing going forward as he is still part of NRG. In the 2nd part of the video Zayt explains that by saying, “I’m gonna become kinda like a coach, analyst, mentor-type thing. Streamer, content creator that kind of stuff. I don’t like know how to call that yet. I’m not gonna be a private coach”.

After the announcement, many Fortnite pros and veterans including Bugha, Saf, and Tfue showed their support for Zayt on Twitter. Zayt’s org NRG also released a post showing their support for him going forward.

Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha thinks it’s pretty weird to see one of the best Fortnite players quit. He suggested if changes aren’t made soon then many others will follow the same path.

Another pro player Saf posted some moments with Zayt in a Twitter post and said, “Gonna miss you, this one hits hard. Thanks for everything. Love u bro @zayt

Recently many pros have been quitting the Fortnite Competitive scene mainly because of the reduced price pool and demotivation to compete. Is Fortnite not fun anymore? Or is the reduced prize pool in 2021 the main reason for so many pros quitting recently? Epic should really take some steps to keep the Fortnite Competitive scene from dying out.

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