Youtuber revealed a new hitbox problem for Legends like Octane and Revenant in Apex

Octane's hitbox is literally broken right now

Characters in Apex Legends had an issue with their hitbox since day one. Even though Respawn claims to have fixed the issue, YouTuber The Gaming Merchant revealed some worrying issues.

After the game came out in February 2019, it didn’t take players long to realize that there is a huge hitbox inconsistency between different Legends. Youtuber The Gaming Marchant recently made a video regarding a new issue.

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The video clearly indicates that there is a huge inconsistency regarding the hitbox of Legends like Octane and Revenant. This leads to them being completely broken for competitive play.

Having such disadvantages can be really not something that any casual player or pro wants to deal with. Respawn in the past has reacted to this by adding damage resistance to Legends like Caustic and Gibraltar. While they also nerfed other Legends like Wraith, Lifeline by making them more exposed to extra damage.

hit box of different Legends

While the solutions weren’t ideal it was still better than what they had before. As the new video indicates that there are still some problems with the hitboxes of Octane and Revenant.

Revenant was launched with increased damage to combat his thin structure. As it turns out his pixel count is way higher than some other Legends. And Octane also suffers from some weird pixels around his head thus making him an easy target for headshots.

Respawn at this point in time hasn’t revealed any plans to solve this issue. With fair play in mind, Apex’s community wants more even distribution of hitboxes among Legends.

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