YouTuber CallMeCarson Accused of Grooming Underage Fans

Popular YouTuber/Streamer CallMeCarson has been accused on Twitter of grooming underage fans.

Carson “CallMeCarson” King is a famous American YouTuber, Streamer, Comedian. He usually makes videos with his friend playing different games. Carson was also part of the now-defunct podcast series called “Lunch Club”. Back in 2020 Carson announced that he was taking an indefinite break to improve his mental health. In April of 2020, Carson came forward to confirm that his girlfriend at the time Katerino cheated on him for Fitz who is another popular YouTuber. Later it was apparently proven fake by a tweet that has been deleted.

Recently CallMeCarson was trending on Twitter. His fans thought Carson did something funny again but Carson was trending because of grooming allegations.

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Keemstar makes the first accusation:

Keemstar recently published a serious interview video with Carson’s former Lunch Club members NoahHugBox and Traves. In the video, Noah says that back in March Carson called him and admitted to **** underage girls. Carson also mentioned to Noah that these girls were fans.

Later Hugo and Traves also agreed that CallMeCarson confessed to everyone from Lunch Club. Hugo and Traves are some of CallMeCarson’s closest so their accusation does carry some weight.

Carson accused of Grooming on Twitter:

A Twitter user called “miniborb” has come out and accused callMeCarson of grooming her when she was 17 years old and in high school.

She apparently jokingly tweeted at Carson saying “be my boyfriend”. Carson didn’t reply to the tweet and went straight to her DMS.

She later went on to share the things Carson said to her. Miniborb revealed a lot of messages between her and Carson. She shared a lot more message screenshots in the Twitter thread. So if you are interested to know more then visit the thread link.

Carson Admits to Grooming Allegations:

A Twitter user named Joko shared some screenshots of CallMeCarsons messages showing that he apparently admitted to sexting with minors and trading nudes.

One of Carson’s message reads, “long story short, when I was 19 I sexted a couple of viewers that were 17. Extremely regrettable and incredibly embarrassing, felt guilty ever since. Apologized to them both and resolved it privately last year, then keem got a hold of it like two days ago.”

CallMeCarson admits to grooming allegations
CalMeCarson admits to sexting vieweres aged 17. Credit: itsjoko twitter

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