YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Will be on Ludwig’s ‘The Yard’ Podcast

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube might be coming to Ludwig’s ‘The Yard’ Podcast soon.

Ludwig Anders Ahgren is an American Twitch variety streamer. He usually streams games on his streams with occasional sprinkles of non-game-related content such as game shows, contests, and gambling. He was one of the most subscribed Twitch streamers before exclusively moving to YouTube recently.

His move to YouTube has a lot of people talking about other big profile Twitch streamers also making the switch. On June 30, 2021, Ludwig announced on his Twitter account about making a podcast called ‘The Yard’. This podcast is hosted by Ludwig and his roommates Nick, Slime, and Aiden. Link to Ludwig’s ‘The Yard’ Podcast-

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After making the switch to stream exclusively on YouTube, Ludwig asked the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, if she would like to come to his podcast. Susan’s reply was.”Yes that would be fun”.

So hopefully, Susan Wojcicki will soon be attending ‘The Yard’ podcast to talk about some of the inner workings of YouTube and its plans to sign more Twitch streamers in the future.

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