Yasuo Can Reach 100% Crit Chance With Just 1600 Gold

In the newest Preseason update, Cloak of Agility will now give 25% crit chance. This 25% crit chance is not unique passive!

yasuo 100% crit with cloak of agility

Yasuo passive doubles any crit chance he has. So if he has two Cloak of Agility he will have 100% crit chance because both together give 50% and the crit chance isn’t an unique passive. Each Cloak of Agility cost 800 gold each, so with just 1600 gold yasuo can achive 100% crit.

With this new Cloak of Agility every champion can now reach 100% crit with just 3200 gold.

Other League News:

On the other hand Tryndamere gets 35-50% crit chance depending on his level from his passive. So, in order to reach 100% crit chance before level 16 he will be needing 800*800*800 = 2400 gold which is 3 Cloak of Agility.

Crit Chance without Attack Speed is very close to useless. So, rusing 100% crit on ADCs with 3200 gold in not going to be a good idea.

But, for Yasuo with 100% crit in early game is a early powerspike because he gets more efficiency from crit items, compared to other champs.


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