xQc Receives a 30 Day Ban from NoPixel GTA V RP Server and said, “I told them I’m not coming back”

xQc has once again been banned for 30 days from the NoPixel GTA V RP server. This makes it his 4th ban.

Twitch streamer xQc can’t seem to stay unbanned from NoPixel. Previously he was banned three times from the biggest GTA V RP server in the world. After the hype for Rust died down, xQc started playing on GTA V roleplay servers. And NoPixel being the biggest GTA V RP server in the world and having a lot of streamers and high-profile players was the obvious choice. But since starting his roleplay xQc just can’t seem to stay unbanned for more than a few days.

The first time xQc was banned for initiating vehicle deathmatches with other members of the server and ramming them repeatedly. This was back in February of 2021. The 2nd ban was for using an exploit to smuggle guns into the server’s police station and killing another roleplaying officer. This was around mid of March 2021.

And just a few days ago xQc got banned for the third time from NoPixel. He got banned for encouraging chat hopping. On April 12 xQc got unbanned and started his usual shenanigans on the server and got arrested by cops soon after but was let off with a simple warning.

Just 6 days after getting unbanned xQc has once again received a ban from the NoPixel GTA V RP server. This time the ban is apparently 30 days long.

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xQc 30 Day NoPixel Ban:

xQc received a 30 day ban from the NoPixel server just recently. After the xQc said that he was not going to appeal the ban because it was unfair. He said,

“I was not gonna appeal my ban. I will discuss my ban now but I’m not gonna appeal it because it’s a 30 day ban. I told them I’m not coming back.”

He also said, “It’s not even a real ban it seems unfair”.

xQc Explains Reasons for 30 Day NoPixel Ban:

Soon after the ban xQc explained the three reasons why he was banned this time. They are-

  1. “Talking about the police guy’s ticket, when he arrested me”.
  2. “Dropping the gun when I’m dead”.
  3. “Abusing vehicle scuff”.

xQc thinks that these reasons do not warrant a ban. According to him, the 2nd reason is,” Not even a problem”. And xQc thinks that the vehicle scuff(Vehicle Glitch) blame was made up.

xQc has said that he will not be appealing the ban and also not coming back to the NoPixel GTA V RP server in the future. Without xQc, the drama on the NoPixel server will die down a lot and there is no doubt about it.

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