xQc Makes the Ultimate Streamer Tier List and puts himself at the Top

Popular Twitch streamer xQc recently made a streamer tier list and unsurprisingly put himself in the S tier.

Félix Lengye, more commonly known online as xQc, is a Canadian Twitch streamer. He used to play professionally in the Overwatch League. But later left the competitive gaming scene and focused solely on full-time streaming.

Currently, xQc is the most-watched and biggest streamer on Twitch, with more than 10 million+ followers. xQc’s Twitch streams usually have an average viewer count of 78k+, which is unthinkable for many streamers. His Twitch is the #1 English-speaking channel and also #1 overall. So, we can say he is the world’s biggest Twitch streamer.

During xQc’s recent Twitch stream, he made a streamer tier list, and naturally, he put himself at the top.

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xQc’s Streamer Tier List:

The Tier List contains more than 50 streamers from both Twitch and YouTube.

In the S tier, xQc put himself, Summit1g, AsmonGold, and loltyler1. According to xQc, these are the faces of Twitch.

Then in the A tier, we have streamers like Ludwig, Sodapoppin, Mizkif, Kitboga, DrDisrespect, Shroud, Lirik, and Moist Critical.

Next up is the B tier. Some notable names in this tier are Disguised Toast, 39Daph, AustinShow, HasanAbi, Myth, and Pokimane.

The C tier of xQc’s list is occupied by Ninja, Symfuhny, Cloakzy, Maya, Scara, and such.

And finally, in the D tier, we only 2 streamers, and one of them is ChocoTaco.

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