xQc Banned from Twitch for the 5th Time

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: xQc/ Twitch

Twitch streamer xQc was banned for the 5th time recently.

Félix Lengyel or more commonly known online as xQc or xQcOW is a famous Canadian Twitch Streamer and internet personality. xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world. He currently has more than 9,070,177 followers on Twitch and his streams average a viewer count of 28k.

xQc’s Twitch career has been filled with interesting incidents and several bans. His previous bans were for various reasons but his most recent ban was back in July of 2021. At that time xQc received the ban for watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and streaming it to his fans. xQc responded on Twitter saying that he took all the necessary precautions to prevent the DMCA strike before streaming the 2020 Olympics. He later hired a lawyer and appealed against the DMCA strike and got it removed.

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xQc got banned on August 14th for the 5th time on Twitch. A Twitter bot called StreamerBans published the news of xQc’s 5th ban. At the time of writing this article, nobody knows exactly why xQc was once again banned from Twitch. Twitch and xQc both have not published a reason for this ban.

Some xQc fans are speculating that the reason for the 5th ban was also a DMCA claim. Hopefully, we get some info about this soon.

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