Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Hero Characters

Learn about all the non-playable and recruitable hero characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade franchise breathes in non-playable characters that are, however, recruitable at some point in the game. These heroes have a definite and significant part in your journey through this wretched dominion. Once you unlock them, you can switch between them whenever and wherever you want. The core 6 members are definitely gonna need a helping hand.

Each of the heroes has different stories to share and different ways to unlock them. Learn all you need to know from this guide and how to recruit them. Without further ado, let’s jump into this already!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero Characters

There are 19 non-playable and recruitable hero characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. There are attackers, healers, attackers-healers, and also defenders. Switch between them depending on your strategy.

Fencer Ethel

ethel Xenoblade Chronicles

The fearsome warrior is seen wielding two swords at a time, cutting down her foes in a matter of time. She once saved your party, if you can remember it vividly.

You need to focus on using her buff arts before engaging in the main attacks. The buff here will increase her overall attack power by several folds.

How to Unlock: Default unlocking is part of the main story.

Healer Valdi

valdi Xenoblade Chronicles

Our Artificer Valdi is a team healer. He can provide this huge boost that aids your healing abilities by several folds.

Apart from aiding in healing, he is no good at being a leader of his clan. So, you might want to stick to making him the second in command by default. Other than these “real works,” his passion can also be seen while rummaging through junks with the hope of repairing even one item.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony 30.

Commander Zeon

zeon Xenoblade Chronicles

Zeon comes in at the last minute of the rescue mission. The Defender can give you extra protection when the attack seems threatful. Moreover, he has the ability to absorb the foe attacks and can return them to full potential.

Apart from defending the team from time to time, Zeon considers Noah a very good friend. Well, you might see a bit clash the first time. But the cloud takes time to fade, right? And when the sun ray penetrates the cloud, that “hope” is compared with Zeon.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony 9.

Thaumaturge Teach

teach Xenoblade Chronicles

Our Magician here is a hybrid class. You can get the service of an attacker and the healer simultaneously; such a balance is quite rare as it is obvious that he can adapt himself to any situation at any time or place.

Teach wields a whip. Not to mention how skillful he can be with that thick whip. On the battlefield, he is seen battering the foes with continuous combos while healing the mates’ health bar to the fullest.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony Gamma.

Yumsmith Riku & Manana

riku manana Xenoblade Chronicles

They are the only Kawai pair in the whole game. They combine with offensive and AoE attacks that can also support various arts.

However, by studying their arts, you can get the strategy to the finest. With them, you can easily find the foe’s weak points. This is a very good choice for debuffs and dealing with multiple foes on the battleground.

How to Unlock: Complete “A Nopon’s Counsel” quest.

Full Metal Jaguar Gray

gray Xenoblade Chronicles

Now let’s come to people’s choices. This masked vigilante wears a cape and can wield a gun. Such a badass!

Gray equips two guns and a drone. This wild combo can go around and take down multiple foes simultaneously. Moreover, the shots get deadlier every time after a successful execution. All you have to focus on is timing, and the damage can be pretty big.

How to Unlock: Complete the golden “?” quest in the Aetia Region.

Strategos Isurd

isurd Xenoblade Chronicles

This one is a tactical healer. He wields this special gun to aid his allies while he goes around the field and makes the foes bend down on their knees.

As he carries a variety of debuffs, Isurd can change the battle stream in a moment.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony Lambda

Stalker Juniper

juniper Xenoblade Chronicles

She is a stalker, but not a stalker at the same time. Juniper likes to stalk the battlefield and jumps on the foe at the perfect time. Even though her attacks have low damage comparatively, her bleeding ability can cover up this sin. On top of that, AP increases if the foe carries less than 30% health.

Juniper has quite an interesting story out of all the heroes’ campaigns. You can unlock this agile hero to get to know the most out of her.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony Tau.

Lone Exile Ashera

ashera Xenoblade Chronicles

Ashera is quite a maniac type; no fear of death at all. It seems that’s why her counterattacks are so aggressive than any others. As I have said, “no fear of death” makes her soul scream for attention on the battlefield.

On top of that, she sometimes takes her anger off the weaker mates and ensures they are getting stronger—maniac for a reason.

How to Unlock: Complete the golden “?” quest just outside the gates of Colony 11. After that, liberate the colony.

Incursor Alexandria

alexandria Xenoblade Chronicles

She is available from the very beginning among all the hero characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. But the obstacle is the way to get to her. The quest to unlock her is quite a tough nut to crack. But in the end, let me tell you, it is worth the while.

Alexandria’s sword skill is what is going to cover up the nut that was tough to crack. Moreover, her sword brings up critical hits from time to time.

How to Unlock: Complete the “Her Reasons” quest in the Fornis Desert.

The Lost Vanguard Monica

monica Xenoblade Chronicles

Let’s meet up with the city leader, Monica. Her class is Vanguard. Vanguards are known to aid the allies that are countering enemy attacks.

Monica defends her city with shields and arts. Moreover, she likes to smash the face of her foes with a mace. However, to get this lovely lady in your arsenal, you must be at least 50 hours old in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Unlock: Complete “Vandham’s Heir.”

Signifier Fiona

fiona Xenoblade Chronicles

Where there are Scottish, there will be Fiona. As Fiona is the sole leader of the Scottish peeps, she also has to tolerate this guy in her colony that has a strange high-pitch voice. Let’s leave it at that.

Signifiers are renowned healers that are also specialized in buffing the entire team. This buff works on both attacks and several arts.

How to Unlock: Complete “Transparent Dreams.” Head to the Candensia Region to activate this quest.

Soulhacker Triton

triton Xenoblade Chronicles

Triton has earned its title Soulhacker, and you better believe there is no lie in that. You might wonder what you would do with only one skill and one art. There is his specialty.

What Triton does is he slays monsters and acquires their arts from them. Such a copycat. What you have to do is, search in the dominion for the giant monsters, slay them, and do what you do best. There will be a list of abilities only for you in the game menu.

How to Unlock: Start the Colony 15 liberation quest in the Candensia Region. After that, start taking the side-quests. Triton will arrive eventually.

Martial Artist Ghondor

ghondor Xenoblade Chronicles

We will now meet with sweet Ghondor. She is the daughter of Monica. Unlike her mother, she is not a Vanguard but a martial art specialist. But there’s this catch. Her mouth is quite spoiled. We didn’t expect that, did we?

A martial artist like her boosts up their arts for quick combo attacks. Moreover, after fully charged, they can attack with all their equipped skills with the same charge level.

How to Unlock: Part of the main story.

Troubadour Miyabi

miyabi Xenoblade Chronicles

Our Troubadour Miyabi is a singer by hobby. She likes to wander here and there. Other than keep wandering, she holds a significant part in Mio’s Story.

Miyabi’s true power lies in her healing abilities. Her healing rate can also charge up her allies’ AP and arts. This allows both parts to execute fast combos.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony Omega

Seraph Cammuravi

cammuravi Xenoblade Chronicles

The Seraph class breaths in the attack. However, their built-in damage prevention lets them absorb most of the damage, which leaves them with just a bit of scratch.

On top of that, their attack grows from time to time. The more you take a hit, the more your crit hit gets stronger. Moreover, they have this Self-harming art that also increases along with the AP. It aids in maintaining and improving the high AP stats.

How to Unlock: Complete the “A Twist of Fate” quest.

Assassin Segiri

segiri Xenoblade Chronicles

Assassins like Segiri likes to toy with their foes. First, they weaken their foes with various buffs and then devour them with continuous offensive attacks.

Segiri uses dual axes to quench his thirst on his foes. On top of that, their executed attack can get enhanced by several folds if the foes are weakened before with various arts.

How to Unlock: Liberate Colony 0 by completing the quests in Colony 4.

Lifesage Queen Nia

nia Xenoblade Chronicles

Queen Nia is a fulltime healer. As the perk of being a queen, her abilities are obviously of that status. She can heal up the team in one charge. Not to mention that her class is the strongest healer class of all the characters.

Moreover, her attacks are impenetrable against any attack while she determines to execute them.

How to Unlock: After the first meeting with her, she returns to the Hall of Serene to continue her quests.

Royal Summoner Queen Melia

melia Xenoblade Chronicles

One of the toughest attacking hero characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Queen Melia is more than that. She is the fearsome attacker of all. Her dynamic elemental attacks are the ones she is infamous for.

On top of that, she can summon different elements through various arts. After the summon, the elements can be used as attack elements against foes.

How to Unlock: Free the Keves Castle, and then go into the main floor to interact with Queen Melia.

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