Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Have Gacha Systems?

Xenoblade Chronicles features a lot of characters. So there has to be a way to get all of them. That leads to wondering if the game has a gacha system for the characters or not. We are here to answer that question.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a JRPG with real-time combat. The game features many heroes you can have at your party. You can command them to do certain moves and abilities while fighting the monster yourself.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3, despite its name, is a self-contained story. You can find a few references to the other Xenoblade games here and there, and it is cool to see as a returning fan of the series. But most of the time, it just does its own thing. So it is a perfect place for any new player to jump in.

Since it features so many playable characters, it is easy to ask how you get all the characters. And Does the game have a gacha system in place? So, here we will answer all of these questions.

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Gacha System in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 does not have a gacha system in place. However, there are 6 main characters and 19 recruitable characters in the game. And on top of that, new characters will be added to the game through the expansion pass.

Even though it may look like a good idea to implement a gacha system for all these characters, the system is not there. Instead, you get the main characters by proceeding with the story. And as for the 19 recruitable characters, they have their own side story you can complete. The characters will be recruited into the team after completing these side stories.

While a gacha system may have been good for business, it could have harmed the game’s enjoyment. So it is good the game does not have any system like that.

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