Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Main Heroes

Want to find out the main heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? The universe has shown you the righteous way indeed.

Are you fed up with RPGs? Are you looking for the latest JRPG? Well, then, Xenoblade Chronicle 3 can live up to your dream the way you want. With a staggering storyline along with hundreds of hours of exploring and all, Xenoblade Chronicles can make you out of your boredom in a moment.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will find 6 main heroes that come from two different kingdoms that have been at war for years. Despite the war, the heroes are up to solving the matter by themselves and putting the risk of bringing back peace again. So, take on the challenge, choose a character, and get on the road of bringing back peace between the kingdom Keves and Agnus. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of all main heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 cuz it’s Xenobladin’ time!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes

There is a total of 6 main heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Each of them has different stories to tell, different attitudes to show, and different plans for the future. Learn all about them while resolving to work as a team. After all, we all have a common foe.



Let’s roll the engine with Noah, the game’s main protagonist. He is an off-seer from the kingdom of Keves. He is a specialist attacker. Noah tends to brag about his specialty while closing up with the foes. And, yes, as an off-seer, he bade them goodbye with his sword from real up close.

As we have been calling him an off-seer, what does an off-seer do? An off-seer has the heaviest job of all. What Noah does is he passes on the voices of the souls that have departed long before. And this role is quite significant. Moreover, Noah welcomes anyone who tends to stop the long fight on Aionios.


lanz main heroes xenoblade chronicles

Lanz is Noah’s ally; well, the “friend” identification comes first. However, Lanz represents the Machina race. They are from the main line Mechonis.

However, Lanz carries this giant shield that can grow as much as his sword. Moreover, Lanz is tougher than he looks, and that ripped-off body tells you the true story.


eunie main heroes xenoblade chronicles

Eunie represents the High Entia race. Her specialty is in healing abilities. She carries this big-looking staff that also works as a rifle when needed.

To talk about her personality, she is quite cocky. So, getting to know her might be tough. But when you get inside her circle, you will find her sensitive part right away. Her already-made friends are Noah and Lanz. She must hold that toughness on the road as the team’s healer.


mio main heroes xenoblade chronicles

Mio represents the rival nation Agnus. However, she and our Noah have this similarity. Both of them are off-seers. However, to identify Mio from Noah, just look for those cat years.

Her fast attacks with a bunch of discs are pretty formidable. Moreover, her dodging against any attack is highly appreciated by her friends. And the way she speaks welsh accents, I can only wonder how she communicates with her mates.


taion main heroes xenoblade chronicles

Taion represents the Agnus forces. His intuition and smartness are up to the notch. He is a specialist in Origami and uses them as weapons. Not gonna lie, but I am really impressed with Taion. He makes Origami and later on uses them as weapons. These builds are known as Katashiro, the knowledge we did not need but the knowledge we deserve.

Taion can make them come alive whenever he feels lonely. He pats them as his dearest pets. Last but not least, you will see him interacting with Eunie from time to time. You will know more about this later on.



Sena here represents Agnus dominion. We have already talked about other characters from Agnus, and these are Mio and Taion. Our Sena rolls on the battlefield along them. However, she has a special bond with Mio.

She is smol, but her hammer is not. Well, even though she is small in size, her incredible power of wielding that giant hammer might make you rethink what we just told you about. Her shyness carries out when she tends to close the distance with her foes on the battlefield.

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