Xbox Live Gold prices to stay unchanged and free games will not require Xbox Live subscriptions

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live Gold prices will remain unchanged after a massive public outcry. Furthermore, free to play games will no longer require Xbox Live in the coming days.

Massive outcry and complaints ensued after Microsoft announced that Xbox Live Gold prices will increase nearly doubling. Meaning, a year of subscription would go for 120$ instead of the usual 60$. Mere hours after, Microsoft has said that they are reverting their decisions, hence Xbox Live Gold prices will remain unchanged.

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Furthermore, to ease the earlier pain, Microsoft has finally listened to one of the biggest complaints for a very long time. Free to play restrictions without Gold. Yes, Xbox owners will no longer require Xbox Live to play free games. Therefore, loads of great games will be freely accessible. From Fortnite, Warzone to Destiny 2, etc.

We don’t know what happens now, but it is very likely now that Xbox will increase its Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate price. Since a large majority now has no reason at all to buy Xbox Live Gold.

It is obvious that Microsoft wanted Xbox players to shift to Game Pass Ultimate more, but monopolizing on people’s interest hardly works and everyone wants freedom of choice. No matter how great and varied Game Pass Ultimate is. Nevertheless, this is a huge win for Xbox gamers now. Especially since the past several months have been hard financially. So the decision to make Xbox Live Gold prices unchanged is also a win for the gamers.

Xbox for the first time joins every other gaming platform where free to play games do not require extra costs. Ever since Xbox Live began its journey.

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