Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2021

The upcoming free games with Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2021 have been released. They are bringing in some classics.

The October lineup for Xbox Live Games with Gold is here and it looks great. Especially on the Xbox 360 side. As Xbox is giving away games from two legendary franchises, Castlevania and Resident Evil (again). Furthermore, the games on the Xbox One section is not too bad either but it gets overshadowed by the backward compatible lineup easily.

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Upcoming free games with Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2021 are:

Starting with Aero, a beautiful-looking game with minimalistic visuals. You will fly through epic landscapes battling huge and dangerous threats. Aero’s smooth gameplay, graphics; in addition to, licensed soundtracks make it a soothing game to enjoy.

Coming over to Hover, you’ll be playing as a member of young rebels called Gamers. Fight against the authoritarian and oppressive system as you parkour and skate through the open cyberpunk city. Furthermore, assist citizens, unlock loads of gears, and perform awesome tricks.

On the other hand, to the Xbox 360 lineup, the best free games with Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2021 await. Return to the world of Castlevania and take on the quest to hunt down Dracula. Additionally, you can choose from several loved characters from the series and also play 6 player co-op.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 2. Especially Claire’s side. Play as Clair Redfield as she navigates out of the zombie-infested island and looks for her brother Chris. Uncover the deep secrets of Umbrella and its founder in this classic Resident Evil game.

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