Xbox Live Games with Gold for May 2021

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits : Xbox

With a new month coming up. Xbox announced its Xbox Live Games with Gold free games for May 2021.

Xbox Live Games with Gold for May 2021 has announced and even though the games are not for everyone. They will still dish out long hours of addicting gameplay, a few of the games here are some of the best of their genre. Hence, some of the most popular among the fans. Especially on the Xbox 360 lineup with Lego Batman and Tropico.

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Compared to last month’s free games, this month also has a combination of great popular games and more of those lowkey niche games. Although none of them are huge AAA titles like we got a few months back.

Xbox Live Games with Gold free games for May 2021 are:

Armello is a board game where battles come to life. So new players can easily join in. Armello combines card gameplay, tabletop, and RPG and creates an epic and magical journey. Full of exploration, magic, and grand battles. Fight for your title of King.

Dungeons 3 is a classic title from the Dungeons series. Here instead of playing as the hero, we play as the dreaded Dungeon Lord. This real-time strategy game lets you build your own dangerous dungeons and raise huge armies of different classes of minions. Orcs, zombies, succubi, and more are ready to join your side as you wage war against heroes.

Lego Batman is one of the finest games in the Lego games series, combining the thrill and adventure of Batman with comedic tropes of the Lego games. Furthermore, in Lego Batman, you can also play as your favorite villains, fighting the caped crusader.

Last but not least, the final game with Xbox Live Games with Gold of May 2021, Tropico 4. You are a powerful dictator on your South American Island. The El Presidente. This strategy game combines city management with politics to add something new to the genre. Make your people love you, as you defend and develop your country into a powerful nation. In addition to diplomatically solve issues and deals with other countries, as they try to take you down.

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