Xbox Live down on Xbox Series X|S launch day

Early owners of the Xbox Series X|S is unable to make full use of Xbox Live as the network is currently down

The huge anticipation of the next-gen Xbox Series X|S has resulted in Xbox Live servers to go down. Mainly due to the huge load the servers have to take, on the launch day of the next-gen console. Additionally, the inclusion of EA play to Game Pass has some contribution towards the outage too.

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The Xbox Series X|S is no doubt a wonderful machine with significant upgrades from the Xbox One. In fact, it seems the excitement regarding the new system is much greater than the release of the last-gen Xbox.

Furthermore, Xbox Series X|S is somewhat lacking when it comes to launch titles. Hence, early adopters have to play what they already own or make use of Game Pass to experience the full power of the tower-like machine. The release of the much-hyped Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, does not help the situation either, considering it too is on Game Pass.

At the time of writing, Xbox Live is down, affecting logging in of accounts, games, etc. Microsoft has taken note of the issue, stating that the problem is affecting all generations of Xbox. Since Xbox Live is a core element of the Xbox experience, now more than ever with the launch of Xbox Series X|S. Microsoft is looking into it to resolve the issue ASAP.

Nevertheless, the new Xbox Series X|S has gotten positive reception and is truly a marvel of next-gen gaming.

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