Xbox Game Pass for PC getting a price increase

Xbox Game Pass PC price to double, from September.

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Game Pass PC will have a price increase. From $4.99/ month to $9.99/ month. Furthermore, this increase will be in effect from 17th September. Although those who purchase a subscription before the 17th will get to enjoy it with the initial price till expiration.

So don’t expect Microsoft to cancel or ask for extra cash if your Gamepass is still running after the 17th.

The $4.99 price tag was introduced as a temporary price for the beta. Hence, it seems the Xbox Game Pass for PC will finally move out of beta phase. This means a larger and more varied catalog of games. Nobody likes a price increase, especially when it’s such a sweet deal. 5 bucks for 100+ games is a dream come true for many.

$9.99 is still an awesome deal when there are so many playable games. Additionally, EA Play will be joining the Game Pass collection. A plethora of EA classics will be playable from the holiday seasons.

Xbox Game Pass just keeps getting bigger and better.

Another alternative is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The go-to offer for both console, PC, and even mobile gamers. For 15 dollars a month, players will get access to Xbox Game Pass for PC, consoles, Xbox Live Gold, and even xCloud; the newest streaming service from Microsoft.

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