Xbox Game Pass could be on its way to Steam- rumor

Is the best gaming subscription coming to Steam soon?

Microsoft has been steaming forward ever since they released Game Pass subscriptions. They have added the game pass to PC as well so that gamers around the world can enjoy it. According to a recent youtube Q/A, Valve is trying to get Game Pass on Steam. Recently Microsoft has been trying new things with their subscriptions in general, so fans will not be surprised if this rumor is true.

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We also had a recent rumor about Ubisoft joining the subscription giant, but we still have no word from either company yet. It seems unusual, but Valve is in talks with Microsoft regarding Game Pass. This rumor got fueled after Tyler McVicker‘s recent youtube video. You can check out the video below but make sure you skip to the 31:09 to hear the statement.

Although, Game Pass is already available on PC through the Xbox App. It coming to the popular video game digital distribution service could be a game-changer for both companies. Steam is one of the oldest and popular distribution services, and Game Pass coming on it could influence Microsoft’s sales by a fair margin. Similarly, Valve and Microsoft collaborating could also bring some Steam exclusives to Game Pass.

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Even though all of this sounds great, we have to take all of this with a grain of salt. We have to wait until we have confirmation from both companies regarding the deal. As fans, we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping we get to see this happen soon.

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