Xbox Game Pass adds three new games

Some fan favorite and nostalgic titles have been added to Xbox Game Pass’s list of new games.

Xbox’s killer service, just got three new games to delve into. Furthermore, the games are or have been inspired by old classics. Hence expect some nostalgic playthroughs. The Xbox Game Pass constantly adds games to its list while removing some of the existing ones as a cycle. This allows gamers to constantly have the ability to try out games they wouldn’t otherwise purchase.

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These three games are:

  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered- (PC and Console)
  • Streets of Rogue- (PC)
  • Gonner 2- (Console and Android)

Final Fantasy VIII has been one of the finest in the series, with great gameplay and story. This remastered edition gives the extra touch new players will comfortable with. Meanwhile, Streets of Rogue is a retro RPG with fast paced rogue-like elements.

Gonner 2, sequel to Gonner: Journey is a colorful procedurally generated platformer with weird, creepy aesthetics and challenging gameplay.

Xbox has changed the way of gaming with Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, allowing players to play a huge collection of games for 10 or 15 bucks a month, respectively. That seems to expand forever.

Moreover, the whole EA Play collection has been added, allowing gamers to play all-time favorite EA classics. Such as Medal of Honor, Mass Effect, Dead Space, etc. As well as, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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