Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to PC, iOS this week

Xbox’s Cloud Gaming through streaming Game Pass Ultimate will be available for PC and iOS this week. Through a beta program.

Microsoft’s much-advertised Xcloud, which is their Xbox Cloud Streaming, arrived on Android sometimes back. Furthermore, the results have been very good. As players can enjoy a wide range of Game Pass games on their mobile devices. As of now, Xbox Cloud gaming is available through Game Pass Ultimate.

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From today, 20th April, Xbox Cloud Gaming will be coming to PC, iOS. Select Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive invitations to try out the service on iOS as well as PC. Both Android and PC have their own dedicated app which makes Xbox’ss Cloud Gaming smooth and quick. On the other hand, iOS users have to go through some hassles.

Because as per Apple policy, Xbox Cloud Gaming for iPhone has to be done through web browsers. If you own an iPhone, simply go to and start streaming games.

Xbox cloud streaming usually requires controllers to play. Although there are quite a few games that support touch controls. So, you won’t be missing out. As of now, 50+ and an increasing number of games support this feature. Such as Gears 5, Dragon Quest XII, The Walking Dead.

Xbox has been going forward with its more inclusive gaming approach. This is commendable as they have been executing this idea well. With budget-friendly gaming options, Xbox Cloud Gaming, etc. Especially, backward compatibility and Game Pass Ultimate have been Xbox’s path of redemption. Most importantly, cloud streaming is very smooth and robust.

Till now, only Game Pass Ultimate games can be played through streaming, which is not at all a bad thing. Game Pass provides some of the best games. But everyone would like to see streaming their consoles from anywhere. Maybe in the future.

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