X10 Esports defeat Full Sense 3-1 in the VCT Sea Stage 2 and qualify for Masters Iceland

VCT 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 2 Challengers Finals is a part of the VALORANT Champions Tour series organized by ONE Up and Riot Games. It is a double-elimination tournament where 10 teams from the SEA region will fight it out for the $50,000USD prize pool and a chance to play in the Grand event: Masters Iceland.

X10 Esports were the champions of VCT 2021: Thailand Stage 1 Challengers 3. In Masters, they won both their games 2-0 defeating Team nxl and KPC respectively. They were also the champions of Stage 1 Masters Sea aswell. FULL SENSE were the champions of VCT 2021: Thailand Stage 2 Challengers 2. In Challengers Finals, they lost to Paper Rex but won through the lower bracket and now are in the finals facing X10 Esports.

The First map was Ascent picked by Full Sense. It was a competitive first half with X10 inching ahead. In the second half, they dominated on defense and took the map. The second map was Icebox picked by X10 Esports. They had a dominating attack getting well ahead in the first half. Full Sense was on the way to a comeback but x10 got the few rounds they needed and took the map. Bind was the third map which had back and forth comebacks and going to overtime which ended in FULL SENSE taking the map. The last map had X10 ahead on the attack in the first half where they were ahead by a good margin. In the second half, they took the few rounds they needed taking the map as well as the series.

Overall, Patiphan from X10 Esports had outstanding performances with a +18 K/D and 147.2 ADR.

Mapwise scores:

X10 Esports 13-6 FULL SENSE
X10 Esports 13-10 FULL SENSE
X10 Esports 13-15 FULL SENSE
X10 Esports 13-9 FULL SENSE

So after a long-fought final, X10 Esports has been crowned the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 SEA Challengers Finals victors.

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