WWE 2k Battlegrounds to release in September

A different take on the WWE 2k franchise is coming soon.

After a streak of bad reviews, the yearly WWE 2k games is taking a break for this year. Instead, we will get to experience a more lighthearted,arcady spin on the popular wrestling franchise with WWE 2k Battlegrounds. A good change of pace and a required one. The old model of yearly wrestling games was getting bland.

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WWE 2k Battlegrounds moves away from the simulation type of gameplay and adopts a more wacky, comedic, and arcady fun take on gameplay. Just like the good old 2D wrestling game days.

Additionally, the game will offer online play and 3 game modes. The standard Exhibition mode, A campaign mode which will tell the “adventures of seven new WWE hopefuls”, and a “King of the Battleground”; basically an elimination mode.

As the trailer shows, Battlegrounds is a more casual brawler for the whole family. Hence offering rather unique mechanics such as using lightning, fire punches, and a superpowered goat…

WWE 2k Battlegrounds releases on September 18 via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (the first WWE game to be released on Switch since 2K18), and would be the first WWE game to release on Google Stadia, but 2K have yet to confirm this. We can’t wait to try out this fresh take on the beloved WWE series.

We hope wrestling games will be back with to its formal glory with this potential hit.

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