Wukong changes for patch 10.6, he can now cast his R twice

Riot August finally confirms Wukong’s ability changes for patch 10.6 and it is going live on PBE tomorrow.

Wukong is one of those few forgotten champion, whose play rate is so low that op.gg doesn’t even have any data for Wukong and according to u.gg, he has below 0.5% pick rate. As a result, Riot first announced his changes last year, but that did take a lot of criticism from a lot of Wukong mains claiming he is too weak after those changes.

And finally Riot August twitted about Wukong’s changes and these changes are going live on PBE tomorrow.

Wukong’s Changes for patch 10.6

Base Stats

  • Magic resistance: 32.1 >>> 28
  • Health: 577.8 >>> 540

Passive – Stone Skin

  • Armor: 4/6/8 per nearby champion >>> 5+1/lvl
  • MR: 4/6/8 per nearby champion >>> removed
  • Now grants 1% max health regen per 5s
  • Bonuses (armor and regen) are increased by 4x when 3 or more enemy champions are nearby
  • Now checks for enemies every .25s (from every 1s)

Q – Crushing Blow

  • Bonus Damage: 10-130 (+0-40% AD) >>> 30-110 (+.7 BAD)
  • Bonus Range: 125 >>> 75 – 175
  • Armor Shred Duration: 3s >>> 4s
  • [NEW] Whenever Wukong or his clone deal damage with basic attacks or spells, Q’s CD is reduced by .5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 9-5 >>> 10-6
  • Mana cost: 40 >>> 30-50
  • Cast time now scales with Attack Speed

W – Warrior Trickster

  • [NEW] Added a 300 range dash that can go over small walls (the same as Kindred Q)
  • Stealth duration: 1.5s >>> 1s
  • No longer does AoE damage on despawn
  • Cooldown: 18-10 >>> 22-14
  • Mana cost: 50-70 >>> 50
  • The clone now mimics Wukong’s attacks and ultimate but deals 30-70% damage.
  • Basic attacks, The clone will attempt to attack enemies Wukong has recently attacked
  • Q, Empowers clone’s next attack
  • E, The clone gains the AS buff
  • R, The clone starts spinning and will knock up enemies that haven’t been knocked up already
  • The clone mirrors Wukong’s animation state on spawn
  • Attacks from towers instantly kill the clone

E – Nimbus Strike

  • Damage: 65-205 (+.8 BAD) physical >>> 80-260 (+1.0 AP) magic
  • Attack Speed buff duration: 4 >>> 5
  • Cooldown: 8 >>> 10-8
  • Mana cost: 45-65 >>> 40-60
  • Offset distance from unit dashed to: 0 >>> 75
  • The dash now follows the target, similar to Lee Sin Q (We probably shouldn’t do this. Don’t count on this shipping.)

R – Cyclone

  • R can now be cast a 2nd time withing 7 seconds. The second cast will not knock up enemies hit by the first.
  • Spin duration: 4s >>> 2s
  • Damage per second: 20-200 (+1.1 TAD) >>> 1.2 TAD +2.5-8.5% (+1%/100 AD) max health MS while spinning: 5-40% based on time >>> 20/30/40% based on skill rank
  • Time before you can cancel the spin: 1 >>> .5
  • Tick rate: .5s >>> .25s
  • Each tick of damage now applies Conqueror
  • Attack range while spinning: 175 >>> 50 (This will make Wukong get closer to his target)
  • Wukong can now cast other spells to cancel R, stopping the spin
  • E’s attack speed duration is refreshed while spinning
  • Added a buff timer to the spell icon to show how much spin time is left

All these changes are experimental, some things may be removed, something may be added, some things may be changed.


  • W has a dash that goes over walls
  • The clone mimics your attacks, Q, and R (dealing reduced damage)
  • Q CD goes down when you or your clone damage things

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