With the upcoming nerf in patch 10.9, Wukong is now nerfed in three out of four patches since his rework

A piece of very sad news for Wukong mains, Riot Games is planning to nerf him once again in the upcoming patch 10.9.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.9. And it seems like they are planning to nerf five champions including Wukong in patch 10.9. All the changes will hit PBE soon for testing.

Wukong Nerf Patch 10.9

  • Armor: 34 > 31
  • Q: Damage 30-130 > 20-120
  • W: Clone Damage 40-60 > 35-55%

(Disclaimer: win rate and pick rate may vary at the time of you are reading.)

Why Wukong is receiving nerfs over and over again

Before the rework, Wukong was one of the most forgotten champions is League of Legends where his pick rate was below 0.5%. And with a bunch of delays, Riot Games finally gave him a rework in patch 10.6 where he is able to cast his ultimate twice.

Pre reworked Wukong was heavily favored on assassin build where he tried to one-shot the back line. But with his rework in patch 10.6, Riot Games has made him a strong bruiser and a good jungler. Regarding the rework Riot Games said, “One of our primary goals of this update is to give Wukong more of that true trickster playstyle that it felt like he was missing.”

But the changes were a bit too much although there are still many mixed arguments among players. Just after his rework in patch 10.6, he was sitting with a massive 54.90% win rate and an 8.3% pick rate. As a result, Riot Games had to give him a hotfix nerf in patch 10.6.

At that time, many players in the League of Legends subreddit complained that his double R casting is not healthy for the game. And how even with the bruiser items he was able to one-shot the back line.

And due to massive complaints Riot Games decided to give him some big nerfs in patch 10.7. And only survived from nerfs in patch 10.8. But many one tricks raised their voice saying that Riot Games is over nerfing him. HaRAMbe one of the Wukong one tricks thinks devs are “clueless ignorant” and also wants Riot to just revert his rework.

In the patch 10.9 preview, Riot Games thinks Wukong’s jungle is still overpowered in skilled (Plat-Diamond 3 elo) and elite (Diamond 2 – Challenger elo) and Wokong Top in the skilled meanes Plat-Diamond 3 elo. As a result, he is receiving the nerfs in patch 10.9.

Riot Games is somehow right, even with two nerfs back to back in patch 10.6 and 10.7 Wukong is still very strong in both the Top lane and the Jungle. Where he still sitting with a massive 52% in Top and 54% win rate in Jungle. And the main reason why Riot Games is still unable to balance him is due to his double R cast where he is pretty much unkillable in the team fights with the bruiser build.

Other Patch 10.9 Changes:

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