With 94 ratings on Metacritic Half-Life: Alyx is the best-rated PC game of 2020 so far


Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s new Half-Life series is currently on 94 ratings on Metacritic based on critic reviews and 91 ratings from users. Which makes Half-Life: Alyx the best-rated PC game of 2020 and one of the best-rated PC game exclusive of all time.

Valve’s newest AAA title Half-Life: Alyx was one of the most anticipated video games of the decade. Fans had to wait almost 14 years to get their hands on into the newest Half-Life game. And with the score, it seems like their wait didn’t go into vain.

Based on 49 critic reviews Half-Life: Alyx currently has 94 ratings on Metacritic and 91 ratings based on 1305 user reviews so far. With the score, it is the best-rated PC game of 2020. And very close to legendary Half-Life 2, which have 96 ratings on Metacritic.

With a realistic and immersive atmosphere, Half-Life: Alyx pushed Virtual Reality into the next dimension. Many fans think it is hands-down the best VR game they have ever played.

In order to play, Half-Life: Alyx all you need is a VR headset and a compatible PC. But if you don’t have a VR set and still wanna enjoy the game don’t worry modders are already on it. Recently, there is a new mod that enables the game to be played on mouse and keyboard.


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