Windows 11 to feature Built-in Xbox App

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Credit: Microsoft

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It seems that Microsoft will incorporate the Xbox App into its latest OS to give PC gamers easy access to Xbox Game Pass.

The new Windows 11 is bundled with amazing features that are mainly targeted towards gamers. The most notable features would be a built-in Xbox App for easy access Xbox Game Pass, DirectStorage API for reduced load times, as well as Auto HDR for enhanced graphics.

What’s truly exciting about having a built-in Xbox App on Windows 11 is that PC players will be able to access the vast library of games available on Xbox Game Pass from the get-go. However, the impact it might have on Steam and Epic Store’s sales is yet to be seen.

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xCloud, Sharper Graphics, Faster Load Times

Moreover, players will also be able to use xCloud features on their PC, providing for a more integrated cloud gaming experience. Furthermore, having the Auto HDR feature as seen on Xbox Series X|S means that games on Windows 11 will run on sharper colors, depth, and brightness.

DirectStorage, which was built as a part of the Xbox Velocity Architecture for Xbox Series X|S, will allow players to enjoy games on Windows 11 with faster load times. Players will be able to load game contents and assets smoothly without exerting pressure on the CPU.

In addition to faster load times, players will also be able to enjoy sharper background details in games, like as far away mountains, thanks to the reduced time it takes for data to reach from a storage device to GPU.

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