Will Dead Island 2 Have a Multiplayer?

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 has six different protagonists, which makes it perfect for playing in a multiplayer environment. But does it have multiplayer? We are here to answer it!

Dead Island 2 will feature six characters for you to choose from. Each of the characters will have different traits associated with them. This time, along with the character system, the game is changing its location too. Dead Island 2 will feature Los Angeles and San Francisco area compared to the island of the previous game.

Having to choose a pre-build character is a great way to add variety to the game. But since there are six different types of characters, having multiplayer where we can play different characters with our friends is also good. So the question becomes if the game has multiplayer or not. And fortunately, we have an answer to it.

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Does Dead Island 2 feature Multiplayer?

Yes, Dead Island 2 will have a multiplayer mode. You can play co-op with your friend in the game using different characters from the preset characters. Dambuster Studios’ creative director James Worral has confirmed the fact that Dead Island 2 will feature multiplayer. Furthermore, the card system of single-player will remain effective in multiplayer too.

However, not everything is good news with the multiplayer of this game. Dead Island 2 doesn’t have any cross-play or cross-progression system in place. That means you can only play co-op with your friend if both of you are on the same platform. And you cannot progress the game on one platform and take the save to another platform either.

Even though having no cross-play is a bummer, the multiplayer is a great addition to he game. In a perfect world, we may have had the cross-play with this game but this time, we just have to play with other people that are on the same platform as ours.

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