Wildcard Gaming wins Six Masters 2020 Finals

In a thrilling final, Wildcard Gaming beats Okami LFO to win Six Masters 2020 with a flawless score of 3:0.

The Six Masters 2020 was the Oceanic national tournament, where the top teams in the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) region competed to become the regional champions. Fnatic held this title for two years straight; however, with them leaving the Oceania region and joining APAC north left an open spot for the Six Master title. And Wildcard Gaming seems to be the one to grab this opportunity and finally claim the crown.

Six Masters 2020 featured a massive prize pool of $50,000 AUD, and the winner Wildcard Gaming will be claiming $15,000 AUD, which is over $10,000 US dollars. But their road to victory wasn’t without any challenging fights.

Wildcard Gaming already had a map advantage against Okami LFO in the finals. But Wildcard needed full length of regulation time to grab their first map with a score of 7-5. However, the situation was worse for them in Villa, where Okami took an early advantage with a 5-1 score. But somehow Wildcard managed to turn the tables and made an astonishing comeback. They eventually won their 2nd map with an action-packed 8-7 score. Watch the full match here.

Image: Liquipedia

Now the top three teams that include Wildcard Gaming, Okami, and Pittsburgh Knights will advance to play Six August Major 2020 Oceania. Unfortunately, Team SiNister couldn’t make it through, so now they have to recollect themselves to fight again in future tournaments.

Six August Major 2020 Oceania will run from August 3rd to the 9th of August, and until then there won’t be any competitive match in the Oceania region.

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