Wild movement glitch in VALORANT’s new Icebox map allows Jett to use slingshot across the map

Icebox is the newest addition to Valorant’s map pool and players have already discovered an insane movement glitch that allows Jett to bolt across the map. This movement bug is being called “Jett Rope Dash“.

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Up to now, Icebox seems legitimately generous in terms of surprises and glitches. By design, Icebox is a very challenging map for anyone. With tight corners, boost positions, ziplines, and close combat zones, Icebox is going to be a tricky one to master for competitive teams. Although Icebox is still not included in the Competitive map pool, enthusiastic players are already busy grinding the map in Unrated and Custom game mode. 

“Jett Rope Dash” Breakdown

Creative minds in the Valorant Community have already found a movement glitch specifically advantageous for Jett. Icebox has multiple high grounds and containers with several entrance points, some are accessible through ropes attached to them. Instead of using manual stairs and hallways, players can just climb the ropes to secure better positions.

Additionally, these ropes are adding more fuel to Jett’s swift movement abilities. Here is how you can also perform the “Jett Rope Dash”, 

  • Find a rope, stand next to it, and align yourself in the exact opposite of the direction you want to go. 
  • Rapidly press E and F while turning yourself in your desired direction. 
  • While getting closer to the rope again, execute a bunny hope by holding the “W” key. 

According to the community, there are other ways to execute the Rope Dash besides the one shown above. As expected, some players are having a tough time performing the Rope Dash. Jett is recognized for her movement perks, smokes, and aggressiveness in between combats, Icebox seems just too ideal for Jett’s playstyle.

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