Why VALORANT agent Breach is getting more picks than ever

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via Riot Games

After the recent VALORANT patch 1.07 update, some agents saw a huge drop in pick rate while others came back from the bin. Notably, Sage pick rate is so low right now that some major VALORANT team is playing without a Sage. However, Agent Breach is being considered again as the main pick for many.

Patch 1.07 nerfs sent Sage to the bottom of the tier list in VALORANT. Sage’s slow orb literally became somewhat ineffective after the nerf while her Barrier ORB is not capable enough to halt the enemy push anymore.

Meanwhile, Breach is back with some serious punch. He is getting picked for his increased flash, reduced delay of time of Rolling Thunder detonation, and counter Operator capabilities. North American and European professional VALORANT Teams are once again giving Breach a chance to stay.

Now let’s take a look at Team Liquid,

Team Liquid VALORANT Agent Picks Before and After Patch 1.07


  • Kryptix – Cypher
  • ScreaM – Reyna
  • soulcas – Raze
  • ec1s – Omen
  • L1NK – Sage


  • Kryptix – Killjoy
  • ScreaM – Reyna
  • soulcas -Phoenix
  • ec1s – Breach
  • L1NK – Jett

A friendly jab from G2 Mixwell,

Now individual Agent pick might depend on the map or the team they are playing against but Breach’s presence and Sage’s absence is quite noticeable. Some other teams are also playing with this Flexible agent pick strategy.

The Reason behind Breach’s comeback

Breach is mainly an initiator. With his Rolling Thunder, Flash, or Concussion abilities, Breach can temporarily disable enemy defensive setups and clear way for his team. Before the patch, Breach had only 2 flashes for an entire round. Obviously, that is not enough for a fast-paced game like VALORANT.

In addition to that, Breach’s other abilities took much time just to get ready for use. However, Breach is now considered a decent counter for enemy players with Operator because Concussion ability can now force enemies to de-scope weapons while also preventing them from re-scoping on time.

agent Breach
Image Via: RIOT Games

Nonetheless, Sage’s presence is nowhere to be seen while Viper is still severely underpowered according to pros and streamers. The comeback of Breach added some much-needed change of playstyle in the overall VALORANT scene.

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