Why is Hanwha Life Esports Underperforming

In this article, we will analyze Hanwha Life Esports and speculate why they are underperforming.

Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) was expected to be a top 4 team in the LCK given their performance in Spring 2021. However, with their current run of performances, it is doubtful that they will make playoffs in Summer. Let’s talk about their current form and why they are underperforming to expectations.

Hanwha Life Esports’ Problems

HLE has a myriad of problems they have to solve. Firstly, it would be the jungle problem as the junglers in their roster have not performed. Arthur and yoHan have been ineffective on the team. Also, in the last two series, they have played Willer, who was promoted from the academy roster. It’s too early to say whether that will give them an edge to barely make playoffs going forward but at least they are trying.

Another problem is the consistency of the top lane. Both DuDu and Morgan have been inconsistent with their games and that is not good enough in a meta for carry top laners. Piggybacking off of this point and the previous one, with the top-jungle duo in shambles, this has left HLE in a tough spot.

However, the biggest problem for HLE is their decision-making. At times, they make some really whacky decisions that swing the game either way. Oftentimes due to this, they tend to bleed out from the mid game and onwards. Drafting is also a minor concern given the meta has somewhat strayed away from what Chovy is known best for.

Hanwha Life Esports’ Positives

HLE does have some positives. Their bot lane is playing well during the laning phases and they still have Chovy. Chovy is still a top 2 mid laner in the LCK and that can help the team turn around their current form. On the other side, the bot lane needs to keep playing consistently and play better than they have been to make a push for playoffs.

Is There Any Hope To Make Playoffs?

There is a bit of hope for HLE to make the playoffs. However, they will need some help from other teams. The best-case scenario would be for HLE to grab the 6th spot while AF drops out. Still, HLE will need to win the majority of their games and hope AF loses a few series as well.

Judging the schedule, they have a tough road ahead as they have to play NS, AF, T1, and LSB. However, wins against AF, T1, and LSB would do wonders for their playoffs chances. On the flip side, AF does have as hard of a schedule as the HLE.

In Conclusion

HLE will need to ramp up their form in order to make the playoffs. In order to make the playoffs, they will need to win a majority of their games, which are mostly against playoff teams. Also, they will need AF, T1, or LSB to start dropping games. It is a tough spot for them but they have two very talented players to be able to pull it off.

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