Why Competitive Matchmaking in Overwatch Need Changes

After Blizzard Entertainment announced Role Queue, it received positive feedback from the Overwatch community as a healthy change to the Overwatch online experience.

A lot of players are happy as there is no more full DPS squad, no more teams made up of 3-4 players all only proficient at the same role. Or no more 0 Tank or Support heroes on the team.

But unfortunately, now that the Comp Matchmaker is split in 3, there are some problems that need to be addressed.

Skill Variation of The Tank queue within each rank is Unbalanced

Anecdotally, in mid-Diamond, the Tank role is very volatile. Some games there are tank mains who clearly understands the game. They create and take space, they give opportunities for DPS/Support to make plays, they themselves make plays, etc. Then the next game there someone who just doesn’t get it. They don’t play with the team. They don’t grasp the concept that they must spearhead the team’s plans or engagements as opposed to just running around solo attempting to DPS. It’s like the game still hasn’t put Tank players into proper ranks.

Unbalanced Teams among Roles

Although teams are unbalanced, the team’s average SR is usually very close. Average 50% of games in mid-Diamond end up as the following: high-Diamond and mid-Plat player, with mid-Diamonds filling out the rest, and then the opposite team has all roles filled around 3100-3200. The high-rated player gets frustrated because their teammates (especially the low-rated one) can’t perform at a standard the high-rated player is used to, while the low-rated player is frustrated because they can’t perform at a higher-than-normal Elo.

At off-peak hours Matchmaking becomes Messy

Playing at ‘off times’ as a high Master/GM means you’re probably gonna get placed into a game 500 +/- your actual SR. As a result there is a good percentage of losses for the higher SR player. There appears to be some kind of correction factor they’re using to estimate how unfair to make the teams accommodate one team having a higher SR player and that correction factor seems to be way off. In extreme cases, every game becomes unwinnable for hours until more people come online.

DPS Queues Generally Take Forever

DPS queues take forever now, but the games you’re placed into are generally SR-accurate.  While long queues aren’t ideal, most of them would rather have long waits for good quality games instead of small waits and bad inconsistent quality games. Plus the new play-as-you-wait feature makes waiting feel better.

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