Who Will Secure The Last Spot For the LEC Summer Split Playoffs?

In this article, we will speculate which team will be the last team to make the LEC Summer Split Playoffs.

With the last week of the LEC Summer Split starting in a few days, time is of the essence to make the playoffs especially since it’s a Super Week. There is little room for error for the teams given five spots have already been secured. Let’s talk about the contenders for the spot and how likely is it for these teams to make it.

Teams Contending For The Playoffs

Vitality, SK Gaming, Excel Esports, and Astralis are all contending for the spot. Astralis and Excel have 6 wins while Vitality and SK have 5 wins. Let’s talk about each of these teams briefly and speculate which team has the best chance to make it to the playoffs.


Astralis plays all the teams that are vying for the playoff spot this week. This gives them the highest chance to secure a playoff spot since tiebreakers can come into play. Also, wins in the second half of the split are weighed before tiebreakers when settling ties. This is very important for Astralis given they have lost to all the aforementioned teams in the first round-robin.

As for the team itself, they have looked good especially WhiteKnight. The team rallies around WhiteKnight and Magifelix to make plays during team fights. Out of the four teams, they have looked the most solid so far. It’s a matter of getting the wins. If they get all 3 wins, AST would be the team going into the playoffs.

Excel Esports

XL would have the next team in line to make the playoffs if Astralis fails to do so. However, their schedule is not easy as they have to play Rogue and G2 along with their direct competitor, Astralis. It’s an uphill battle for them schedule-wise.

The team had a fairly rocky start with Dan in the jungle and Denyk serving as supports. However, mid-split, they decided to switch to Markoon and Advienne and that has made them better as a team. The Achilles heel of this team is their decision-making. Something they try to do a flip play and that backfires, ending in a loss. If they can clean up their decision-making problems, they could be the 6th team of the playoffs if AST messes up.

SK Gaming

SK is an interesting case in this split. They started off very poorly but picked up steam after Lilipp stepped in as their main support. In recent weeks, they have picked up wins against MAD and FNC and their form is pretty good. However, the question remains if they can actually get the wins. SK plays AST, MSF, and Rogue this week. While Rogue and Misfits will be tough opponents, Astralis should be a beatable team for them. They will certainly hope that they can bring their A-game this week and squeak into the playoffs. One thing that does work for SK is they have a lot of wins in the 2nd half of the split so if they manage to tie up the win records, they could be the ones going into the playoffs. That is one thing to monitor as we go into the last week.


Vitality would have the lowest chance to make the playoffs and there is no sugarcoating it. Their second half of the split has been dreadful with weak performances and strange decision-making. Their top side of the rift was a disaster with SLT that they had to switch to Szygenda after replacing him in the split. Things do not look good for them form-wise.

Their schedule is easier than Excel or SK but they still have to get more wins than AST or Excel to get a shot at it. With fewer wins in the second half of the split (just one), it would take a lot for Vitality to get into the playoffs other than at least a 2-1 record for the last week.

Which Team Has The Highest Chance To Make The Playoffs?

It is an easy question to answer and it is Astralis. If you look at the schedules for the four teams in question, Astralis has the easiest schedule by far. AST has the potential to win all of their games. SK, Vitality, and XL have at least one of the top 5 teams in their schedule if not two. For Astralis, it is simple, win the 3 games, make it to playoffs.

As for the others, the maths gets a bit complicated. According to Medic, if SK or Vitality lose to Astralis, it’s game over for them.

So for SK and Vitality, first things first, beat Astralis. Then they have to rack up at least one more win and we could see either possibly going through if XL and Astralis don’t manage to win their other games. If Astralis wins 2 of their games, then Vitality or SK have to win all 3 games provided they weren’t the ones who lost to Astralis.

XL’s case is different as they have the same record as Astralis. All they have to do is win against AST and match their record when it’s all done. XL would have the tiebreaker lead in that regard as long as they match the second half of the split wins and Head-to-Head.

In Conclusion

Concluding the article, this super week is going to be a blast with every team trying to get as high of a seed as possible. Also, AST, XL, SK, and VIT are all fighting for a playoff spot and it could all come down to the wire. LEC Summer Split will continue to its final week on Friday kicking off with Vitality vs Schalke 04.

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