Which game publisher pulled the best April Fool’s prank in 2021?

Just like every year, every other game publisher has slowly started to reveal their plan for April Fool’s day. This year we actually have a lot of interesting and creative pranks pulled by some of the big-name entities like Riot, Razer, etc in the gaming industry.

We are going to look at some of the most creative ways in which gaming companies have tried to pull an April Fool’s prank on unsuspecting gamers. In the end, we will try to assess each prank to crown one winner.

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League of Legends

Riot Games tried to pull off some sneaky one on us. First, let’s look at what League of Legends’ gameplay design director posted on his official Twitter account.

Oh, the dynamic queue. You almost got us, Mark.


Riot released their end-game patch notes which sounds too good to be true. It has some creative jabs at matchmaking since this is the most heated topic in the VALORANT Community.

This patch apparently has finally addressed the main issue that players were complaining about ever since release. Yes, they finally removed the Prime Vandal skin from the game. Now, you can no longer get an advantage over your opponents just by using a “pay to win” skin.

VALORANT patch note prank
Image via Riot Games

VALORANT devs also went one step further and created a fake love event exclusively as a prank.

Razer RGB Hair Dye

Razer never disappoints when it comes to their April Fool’s shenanigans. And for 2021, they tried to do something totally unique. RGB hair dye. That’s correct Razer teased a new product on their official account claiming this hair dye would give its users the ability to customize their hair color with Razer synapse RGB software.

Apex Legends

Respawn did it again this year. They bought back the insanely overpowered Mozambique with 9 bullets in its magazine as a joke. Also, each gun will come fully equipped with all the level 3 attachments.

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Now for the winner, the best one was definitely Razer’s RGB hair dye.

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