When will Tyler1 start streaming again? his op.gg and current rank

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is currently not streaming in order to avoid stream sniping while climbing to the challenger.

Tyler1 is one of the biggest names on Twitch due to his unique personality and high-level gameplay. He has a massive fan-base with over 3.3 million followers on Twitch. But for the last couple of days he has completely stopped streaming.

Why Tyler1 Stopped Streaming?

At the beginning of season 10, the jungle received a lot of nerfs and was considered as one of the worst roles in League of Legends, but Tyler1 felt jungle was still influential. As a result, he challenged himself of reaching challenger only playing jungle in the NA server.

His journey was not as fun as he thought it would be, but ultimately he managed to reach Masters and even Grandmaster after few months. But, his main struggle started at Grandmaster where he was constantly getting stream sniped and intentional trollers which made it harder for him to stream and climb at the same time.

As a result, in order to avoid all these additional hassles, he planned to climb off-stream and stopped streaming entirely until he reaches his goal.

When will Tyler1 Start Streaming Again?

Tyler1 reached Challenger in NA server yesterday only playing Jungle. As, he met his goal we can expect to see him streaming soon.

Tyler1’s op.gg and current rank:

Tyler1’s current account and op.gg is BUZZLIGHTYEAR99.

His current rank is Challenger!

At the time of this writing, Tyler1 is currently sitting at Grandmaster 324 LP. He played an astonishing number of 1790+ games where he has 930+ wins and 850+ losses. If we take a look at his current op.gg, he is spamming champions like Olaf and Ivern where he has 57 and 54% win rates respectively.

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