When the Clubs are going to shut down in League of Legends?

The end is near, Riot is finally shutting down the Clubs from League of Legends in patch 10.25.

Clubs were first introduced to League of Legends back in 2016 that would allow players to form persistent groups of like-minded players. However, after being there for four long years, a couple of months earlier, Riot Games announced that they are planning to sunset Clubs in 2020.

And now, Riot Games has officially announced that Clubs are going to shut down on patch 10.25, December 8th.

“This means that, upon patching and logging into the game, you’ll no longer see Club Chat, Club Tags or any Club Roster information,” Riot Games on Clubs. “We know that this will be a big adjustment for some of you, but our hope is that between now and then, you are able to migrate your community over to platforms like Discord so that you can stay in touch with your friends in League and beyond.”

Previously, Riot Games said that the main reason why they are shutting down Clubs is because of how it was originally built in the first place. The technology that was used to build the system was great at its initial phase. But as time goes by, the external components of it were no longer fully supported by its original developer, as a result, it started to “degrade”.

After the announcement, a lot of League players are showing their concerns for the Club Tags and are requesting Riot to at least keep the tags in-game.

“We know that Club Tags added a lot of player value, but, in addition to those mostly harmless uses, we also see an alarming number of more malicious and inappropriate tags out there,” Riot Games said regarding the players’ request. “There is no perfect solution that will enable us to keep the good tags around while preventing the bad tags from creating an unsafe environment.”

However, with Clubs being shut down, Riot Games has set up a new Discord Server for the League of Legends community so that they can stay in touch with their friends.

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